PAYDAY2 Editor

I just made this tool quickly, it allows you to edit money and skills in the new PAYDAY game (that’s released in 6 days). It also allows you to view all the data that is stored in the save, which I will probably update updated to allow editing via the tree view.

Can people stop taking credit for my work, I am Anarky from XboxMB. If you post this else where please have a call back to this original thread. (
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Prep for PC support.
Set equipped to false when adding masks.
Can’t add more than 9 masks.
New UI.
Store weapon names and attachments so I can support unlocking them in another update.
Changed ints to select type(null, sbyte, short, float) behind the scene.
Fixed changing bool values (Tree edit).
Added Add mask to inventory.
Fixed closeing without editing (tree edit).
Fixed selectedNode for empty lists.
Added TreeEdit, allow you to edit any(well int, string or bool) values.
Fixed max values (will now change the type), temp max is 999999999 will allow more soon.
Added fix hash for *.BIN files.
Now unlocks skill trees if not already done(on Max).

Your first post and giving out a free editor you made? Awesome :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this with the community! :smiley:

That was quick, gonna give this a try.

with that program are extracted save file with hrizon modio.

Thanks for being such a good community. :wink:

As long as you open “INFO.BIN” (from “save098.sav”) it doesn’t matter, I will always recommend Horizon, simply because it is the better tool. But if you have some sentimental ties to Modio it should still work.

I use either no matter just wanted to know does not say up and had my doubts thanks for the reply and greetings.

P. S.

otherwise modify the save but not what I came out normal and I get change if nothing had happened is Qudan regular values ​​and are not recorded in the game do not know if I’m doing something wrong.:frowning:

Not work!

New version,

I am sorry, I have read and re read your post and I can’t understand what you are trying to say.

Could you give a little more detail? and/or post your save?

Good stuff dude. BTW, game actually comes out in 3 days, not 6.

In UK it’s 6. :wink:

The editor worked like a charm, Thanks.

I didn’t even know this was for the consoles O.O

yeah i posted something about it a few weeks ago. was suppose to be for XBLA but it was too big

OP, any chance of being able to edit stats and level soon?

Ahhh my bad, I’m in U.S. so it’s 3 for me.

Disregard this post of mine.

New version,

Added tree edit, it will allow you to edit stats and level, should allow you to edit everything. :smile:

fake, the game hasnt even come out yet. stop trying to infect computers with bacterias.

Gonna try out this new update :smile:

Open Me

Lol the game was leaked a few days ago.

New version, few bugs fixed and now you can add masks to your inventory. (Note you cannot add more than 9 in total.)