PC Gaming: Player Origins

What made you first start playing games on PC? When did you first buy a game for the PC and what game was it? Do you play exclusively on PC or do you also play on a console?

For me, I started playing on PC via Steam back in 2010 and the first game I bought was Team Fortress 2 - a buddy of mine was really into it and loved playing Demoman, I’ve always been the type to play a support/healer class so Medic was my go to back then. He taught me the ropes for most classes (I still suck at Spy, LOL) so now I play whatever my team needs at that moment. I used to play on PC and PS3 but I switched exclusively to the PC when I heard that Sony wanted you to pay a subscription fee on the PS4 to play online and I sold my PS3 about 3 years back. My old PS2 still works but I usually just emulate the games I have on disc via PCSX2 unless it’s better/easier to run on original hardware.

Enough about me though. What about you fine folks?