Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Yes, you must do it every time.

I am Japanese and not good at English, so please forgive me for using translation software to ask my question.
I downloaded the bypass specified in this topic to my game folder and then unzipped the on the fly.

Next, I ran the unzipped file and then hit “play” on Steam for the game, but the game itself will not start at all, although it says “running”.

I have temporarily stopped the virus software.

Translated with (free version)

Hi, You can try these steps to see if they make a difference:

  1. First, launch the game.
    (Close the WeMod app entirely before doing so, not just minimize it you need to Quit the App entirely)

  2. Once inside the game, Go ahead and Launch Bypass.
    (It should minimize/disappear from the screen)

  3. Switch to WeMod. Seek out for the Phasmo trainer. Then Click the Play button.

I was able to successfully start Wemod and play the game. Thanks for your help.

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Hi i saw that playing multiplayer with this cheat is NOT allowed, but can we use this in private lobbies? I don’t see where it would “break” the game or be unfair to others since usually private lobbies are with friends and not strangers.

Hi! That still counts as multiplayer. Trainers are meant exclusively for use in single-player mode.

The bypass is deleted the moment it’s downloaded, help?

Do you have an antivirus on? It’s possible that it is interfering with the download. You can try to turn it off, then try to download the bypass again.

Phasmo wont launch with the Bypass Anymore for me, it always launches as a background tast

Hi, i accidently clicked multiplayer instead of singleplayer while using the trainer, I didn’t join any lobbies, I just clicked on multiplayer, panicked, and got back in the menu :joy: came here because I wanted to know if now my account on phasmophobia is at risk? or what are the consequences?

You mentioned you didn’t join any lobby, I think you’ll still be fine.

it says bypass can not be downloaded a Virus has been found
how can i fix this @SupportWemod

Hi! You might need to turn off your antivirus for a while to download the bypass. Once downloaded, unzip it, and then add the bypass file as an exception to your antivirus. You can turn on your antivirus after that.

when i start the game it doesnt react an crashes every time

Where did you buy the game? Is it from steam?

Phasmophobia receive an update today (10/04) and now it’s crashing while using wemod. Made the bypass, everything was working fine until this update

actually nvm I restart windows and it’s working fine

has anyone actually tried using wemod in a private lobby with friends who won’t report you because they don’t actually care?? we just want to use it to make the flashlight brighter, but aren’t sure if phasmo’s anticheat will auto-flag one of us without being reported.

Trainers are only intended for single-player mode tho. Also, the read before playing notes state NOT to attempt to use these mods in multiplayer, as the game dev has stated that you will be permanently banned from multiplayer if you do so. I would consider it as a precaution.