Plants Vs Zombies (PC) - Unlimited Sun + Insta Recharge

This is very simple. All you need is the game and Cheat Engine.

Start any level
Note how much sun you have
Pause the game
Open Cheat Engine
Select the popcapgame1.exe process to open
Set the value to the amount of sun you have

Hit “First Scan”
You’ll get a bunch of result

Open the game back up, earn or spend some sunlight
Note your new amount
In Cheat Engine, change the value to your new amount, and rescan
You should get 1 value (if not, get more sun, then scan again)
Double click it

Change the value to 1000 or higher
Freeze it

You now have unlimited sun.

NOTE you will have to repeat the scanning and freezing process after you start a new chpater

Instant Recharge:
Click “Memory View”

Right click in the window and select “Go to Address”
Search “0048728C”
Double click the result, edit the last 2 digits from 01 to 200, click ok/yes

You now have instant recharge.

This process is similar to sun’s process, with some small changes
-Note how many coins you have
-Type the number in to search, but delete the last 0 of the number
-Earn/spend some coins
-Search for your next value
-Double click it, then edit the value to whatever you’d like.

Awesome! dude I love you! (no homo) lol

Ahahaha i love this :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind found it :smile:

Nice virus with the Cheat Engine Download

I lol’d. Seriously, if you think Cheat Engine is a virus, you’re an idiot.

I can seem to get the insta recharge to work?

Are you finding the correct address and changing only the “01” to “200”?

yeah I change everything to it like the picture and nothing

Hmm, not sure then, sorry. Worked fine for me.

wont show me the link

Try using Google.

You should also probably not go on about something that is 3 and a half years out of date… Check the time the thread was posted before replying in the future.