PlateUp! Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I too had the same issue to get 'Unlimited Customer Patience" to cooperate! This brought more fun having patient customers unlike the customers at the holy chicken place I work in irl.

The mods are working fine for me. What is your game version, and are you trying to play multiplayer?

All instances I’ve done single player. I’ve messed with previous versions of the mods (those for 8/20 and 8/19) and sometimes they’ve cooperated and worked.

It’s just funny to me. I just want people to be patient and not complain for their late food. XD

needs to be updated please


Would love an update for this, its great for solo play.

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Can we please get an update to th is?

The trainer is up to date.

i think what they are saying is…
out of the 4 options of the 9/7 release. the unlimited customer patience is the only thing not working. There were posts about it about a month ago i see. That option refuses to activate when using them. So i take it they were trying to see if there’s a way to get that one working since that’s the main one most people would be going for.

The unlimited customer patience was working 10 hours ago for me, but after re-launching the game after a restart, the trainer auto toggles itself off after being enabled. It is ONLY the customer patience option that does this for me.

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Could ya’ll add an XP multiplier?

Patch 1.1.0 it’s don’t work. Can up to date.

Customer patience is not working for me either. Toggles itself off after I try to turn it on.

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Hey boss, seems Money multiply and patience don’t work anymore since update.
Thank you for your efforts :).

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Since the latest update to PlateUp, the mods no longer work even when they turn on.

The switch for Customer Patience will not stay on. Other mods’ switches will, though they will not work. Money mod can be increased to 999, though makes no difference to earned money.

The PlateUp! cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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