Playing wolcen, a quest is missing

Meet the purifiers seems to be missing. I am using wemod but have been warned that mods are not updated to new wolcen update. I have looked into a walk-through and and it tells me to go back to the trail used to get to Stormquest. You tube shows going to the ocean and the character comments. There is no place where there is a comment made by my character, or any other path than back to the original starting place. I have done this twice. The YouTube video is from 2020 and there are a couple of more that say the same thing and dated in 2020.

Might want to go to the game developer’s forums for that. Wemod doesn’t impact the contents of the game.

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It’s a game issue. Nothing to do with Wemod at all.

Search engines indicate many people not using third-party mods getting the issue too. You’ll need to refer to those search engine results (ie - or, as @Fibby76 said, ask in the game’s official community.

We cannot assist with issues unrelated to WeMod, we do not have the relevant information or necessary tools for third-parties.

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