Please help, Atelier Firis DX

trying to use cheat engine to find an address to stop the clock in this game, fling made a trainer for the previous version of the game but not the DX so it is possible.

I dont have much experience with cheat engine other than getting more $$ with exact value scans.

have been googling/youtubing to no avail, can someone advice on how to work on this please?

Uh just going to assume the value is either the time in seconds stored as an int or float. You could also just scan for unknowns and keep checking for values that decreased/increased.

thanks for the response, what is “int” i tried float but it isnt working. ended up with this after going down in 2days from unknown value. but when I choose unchanged value this ends up changing too so don’t think its correct?

4 byte value

Ended up with nothing using the same “decreased unknown value” and “reducing days by 2”