Please keep Trainers in WeMod up-to-date

I’ve noticed some trainers are outdated and not updated in WeMod. One example is Hitman 3, Epic games version on PC. The WeMod trainer is from 5/2021 and crashes the game most of the time (as soon as the weapon is chosen, if the unlimited ammo cheat is enabled). The latest Fling trainer is from 2023 and works just fine with Hitman 3.

The trainer has been tested multiple times and none of the testers had issues with it crashing. If you want to provide more details it could provide useful. Unfortunately, if the issues cannot be reproduced then the trainer can’t be updated.

It’s fairly simply to reproduce. Enable unlimited health/infinite ammo/rapid fire/super accuracy/no reload, select Destination from the Hitman menu, select Dartmoor, or any of the others, load up a mission. Once in the mission, select one of the pistols, the game usually freezes up then quits to the desktop. Sometimes WeMod picks up and recognizes there was a problem, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes the game will run fine. I’ve seen other posts where users have reporting the exact same behavior in WeMod. I enable the cheats before launching the game, and launch it from WeMod. This is the EPIC Games version of Hitman 3, latest patches applied.

I would suggest enabling Ray Tracing and other Ultra graphics options as that’s what I’m using (AMD 5950X CPU, Radeon RX6900 XT GPU, 64GB RAM, Win 11 Pro x64). That way you have a somewhat similar config. The v3.10-3.30 Plus 11 Trainer doesn’t have any of these issues and is much more recent - why hasn’t it been integrated into WeMod?