Please trainer for Monster Bash HD

I tried myself, but i’m bad at putting the information so the Infinite Health stays.

But what i managed to find if you want to have Infinite Health is you will need to search on 2byte and search on 6, now do all the time damage with decreased value.

Hopefully someone can make a good trainer. Because once you completed a level the Infinite Health doesn’t work no more :frowning:

Welcome to the community!

No rainer requests will be processed here in the community forum! Trainers are developed and maintained based on popularity!

I’m sure you mean this game:

Since it doesn’t cost much, it can’t be a gaming giant!

Which is a bad thing. MrAntiFun doesn’t look up to his own forum no more… Wemod needs to allow people requesting trainers and not based on popularity… Just try to make everyone happy. No rush intended!

And yes, i mean that game. It’s a fun classic one!

And i gave already a few tips how to find the health!

And i know a little bit of the hacking, but stuck at pointers and making that small script to keep the changes i made.

No offense meant, but I don’t think the developers need tips from WeMod users! They’re fluent in C++ and assembly, they’ll know that… I agree with you on the popularity side, but it’s extremely hard work to develop mods like this, hence the popularity thing

@MrAntiFun doesn’t own this forum either, and he’s not the only developer!

There are so much more fun games like the 2d Castlevania’s. Some sites have it, but i’m not going to put 30 bucks on it for a monthly sub and then ofcourse the question if the trainer will work…

And i know MAF isn’t the only one. In the past i’ve used trainer by Fling as well. They always did the trick with games as well :slight_smile:

And most of the games that are populair i don’t care for! Most of those titles i don’t like.

That’s why WeMod is more likely to prevail! No obligation for a pro subscription to be able to use all cheats! Imagine if someone wanted WeMod to switch to a Pro model… You would have to pay money to even use WeMod :rofl:

I agree, but in the future a request part would be nice! And that’s why i said i’m also learning bit by bit to make my own trainers. But stuck at the pointers and script stuff. Pointers make my head hurt, and is the most annoying part :wink:

Well, if you have successfully learned C++ and Assembly, you can apply here… Then you can even earn money with your mods!

I will take a look how much a study of C++ and assembly will cost. But i think it’s possible to learn without doing a study for it.

Finding Health, Money, Exp and the basic parts is easy for now. Only keeping it is the problem!

It would also be handy to program that you can set money, health and such!

On most games i know how to find that, but the part is more on Health that it stays. Money is more like change it once, save your game and the money stays. Same goes for items. Change it once, save your game and you have enough for maybe all of it ingame.

I read your comment about Monster Bash HD under the buy button. But Apogee was a big company. It goes also by the name of 3D Realms. Games like Duke Nukem, Gears of War.

But no offense, probably you’re to young to know that :slight_smile:

Too young? I don’t think this has anything to do with age! I just don’t know this game! Just like the developer studio!

Rise of the Triad? Duke Nukem 3d? Commander Keen? Catacombs 3d? Raptor: Call of Shadows?

Ok, i can understand you don’t know of it. It’s pretty old :slight_smile:

No, I don’t know them all!

Ah too bad. My yought of gaming, back to mid 90’s. On a Pentium 1 or 486DX.

It’s really something you should try and play. These are classics! :smiley: