Pls help game launcher

i reamember taht for some games u were i need to make an special launcher but i do not remeber what it wos, i remember i need to edit exe lunch file of game but not what next

Hello! :slight_smile:

Most of the time you just need to press the Play button in the trainer, then WeMod does the rest.

There are some games that have specific instructions to get trainers to work in them, though. In those cases, the instructions are displayed to you at the top of the trainer.
Otherwise, you’ll need to give us the name of the game you’re referring to. There are millions of games in existence, we don’t have the time to list them all. :slight_smile:

stashiptroopers terran command , i have problem that unlimited supplies make supplies in negative calue so i think to try launch the witch modded launcher to fix it or if it wuodl not work it just bug and i have no problem

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