PoE Trainer even possible?

This is not just a simple suggestion. I was looking over the list of games we can vote with WePoints to eventually get a trainer for 'em and I noticed Path of Exile was on that list. What gives? Is it even possible to do a trainer for it? Almost the entire game is hosted on servers and nowadays even something as basic as a decent and reliable maphack (which is thought to be easy since map is player sided) is hard to come by.

I mean, I would be more than happy to vote it with all my points, but what can we even get for them?

Nothing. Wemod doesn’t support multiplayer games.
The list of games you see on wemod.com is taken from Steam it does not filter out multiplayer games. If people vote for multiplayer games as soon as a Staff member sees it will be removed from the list and points will be refunded.
If you find any other Mulitplayer only games in the list please tell someone from the wemod staff about it so they can remove it.

@Zach Would you kindly remove Path of Exile from the list?

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Tx for the swift reply :smiley: . I will let staff know if I come across MP only games :smiley:

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Thanks for the report guys!