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Mudkip Marshtomp
Swampert [details=Open Me]Mudkip is a starter pokemon from the hoenn. Its number id on the Pokedex is #258 for national. Mudkip is a Water type Pokemon, Stands at 1’4’’ and weighs 16.8 Pounds. Mudkip has its own personal foot print . Mudkip has a different color when shiny but it is very rare to get one. Mudkip has the ability to use torrent which means: Raises the power of the Pokemon with Torrent’s Water-type attacks by 1.5x while the Pokemon with Torrent has less than 34% of its max HP. If you want to have a Mudkip Level 100 yo need 1,059,860 EXP. If you have a Mudkip Egg you would need 5,376 steps.

Mudkip is the first stage of 3. When it evolves for the first time it turns into Marshtomp at level 16. Marshtomp has a different foot print . Marshtomp has a lot of same stats and info as Mudkip. Except Marshtomp is Water/Ground. Stands at 2’4’’ and weighs 61.7 Pounds. Marshtomp has its own shiny version . Marshtomp Is #259 On The Pokedex

After Marshtomp comes the third and final evolution, Swampert at level 36. Swampert has a lot of the same info as Mudkip. Except Swampert stands at 4’11’’ and weighs 180.6 Pounds. Swampert has its own foot print as well . Swampert has a different version as well, Shiny . Swampert is #260 On The Pokedex

You can get Mudkip as a starter in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

To get Mudkip in other games suck as Pokemon Leafgreen And Firered it needs to be traded after getting the National Pokedex

To get Mudkip on any of the DS Pokemon Games Like Diamond, Pearl, SoulSilver, HeartGold, White, And Black, you would have to migrate it using the Pal Park.

Just Wanted To Give Info On This Trio, I Hope You Liked The Info :smile:

Rayquaza [details=Open Me]Rayquaza Is A Legendary Pokemon. There Is Only One In The Pokemon World. But You can get as many as you want in the games by trading. Rayquaza is # 384 on the National Pokedex. Rayquaza has a different version, the shiny version Rayquaza does not have a footprint because it is a Flying/Dragon Type Pokemon. Rayquaza is a gender less pokemon. Rayquaza flys at 21’00’'and weights 455.21 pounds. Rayquaza has the air lock ability. To get Rayquaza to Level 100 you would need 1,250,000 Exp Points. If some how you got a Rayquaza egg it would take 30,720 Steps to hatch. Rayquaza can only be caught in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, White And Gold. To Get Rayquaza In Other games it needs to be by trade or Pal Park. Rayqaza is rare but if you know how to catch it your good. I Hope this info helps you :smile:
[/details]TooMuchSweat’s Favorite Pokemon

Snorlax [details=Open Me]Snorlax Is a Normal type pokemon. Snorlax is #143 On the national pokedex. Snorlax has a different version, the Shiny version you can’t really tell the difference but its like a shade of blue. Snorlax has its very own footprint . Snorlax lays at 6’11’’ and weights 1014.1 pounds. Snorlax has a “Immunity” ability which means it can’t get poisoned. Snorlax also has the “Thick Fat” ability which reduces fire and ice attacks by 50%. To get a Snorlax to level 100 it needs 1,250,000 EXP points. if you have a snorlax egg you need 10,496 steps. Snorlax has a Baby pre-evolution, Munchlax . Snorlax can only be caught in FireRed, LeafGreen, SoulSilver, and HeartGold. To get him in other games you need to ether trade or use Pal Park. Hope This Info Helped Out! Thanks [/details]

Magikarp [details=Open Me]Magikarp is a Water type pokemon. Magikarp is #129 on the national pokedex. Magikarp has a different version, Shiny Magikarp has no foot print because hes a fish. Magikarp swims at 2’11’’ and weighs 22 pounds. Magikarp has the “Swift Swim” Ability, which doubles its speed when its raining. To get a level 100 Magikarp you need 1,250,000 EXP points. If you have a Magikarp egg you need 1,530 steps to hatch it. Magikarp evolves into Gyarados Magikarp can be caught in every pokemon game.
Honestly In My Eyes, Magikarp Is A Fail Of A Pokemon, What you never see: "Magikarp Use Splash, It Was Super Affective!!! [/details]

Mewtwo [details=Open Me] Mewtwo is one of the first legendary Pokemon. Mewtwo is #150 on the National Pokedex. Mewtwo has a different version, Shiny Mewtwo has its own footprint Mewtwo stands at 6’7’’ and weighs 269 pounds. Mewtwo has the “Pressure” Ability which means " Each of your opponent’s attacks consume one additional PP when used (they can still use moves with 1 PP remaining). Out of battle: If Mewtwo is your lead Pokemon, Pokemon with higher levels in an area have their encounter rate lowered". You need 1,250,00 EXP to get a Level 100 Mewtwo. If you happen to get a Mewtwo egg you need 30,855 steps to hatch it. Mewtwo is a gender less pokemon. Mewtwo can be caught in pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, LeafGreen, FireRed, HeartGold, And SoulSilver. You need to trade to other games if you want it.

Mewtwo Looks Badass In This Picture
Hope This Info Helps!! :thumbsup:

Info By Distorrt

Mewtwo is one of the most heartless pokemon because he was constructed via mew’s dna and doesn’t know kindness. (POKEMON ANIME FTW) [/details]

Charmander [details=Open Me] Charmander is a type pokemon. Charmander is #4 on the National Pokedex. Charmander has a different version, Shiny . Charmander also has its own footprint Charmander stands at 2’0’’ and weighs 18.7 pounds. Charmander’s ability is “Blaze” which means “Raises the power of the Pokemon with Blaze’s Fire-type attacks by 1.5x while the Pokemon with Blaze has less than 34% of its max HP.” To get a level 100 Charmander you need 1,059,860 EXP points. To hatch a Charmander egg you need 5,376 steps. Charmander evolves to Charmeleon at level 16, then to Charizard at level 36. You can get Charmander in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, LeafGreen, And FireRed: “Starter Pokémon from Professor Oak in Pallet Town”. And In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver: “Reward from Professor Oak after defeating Red”. And trade to get on the other games.

Charmander is my favorite pokemon so ima give a little extra, Different Game Versions:
Pokemon Red and Blue:
Pokemon Yellow:
Pokemon Gold:
Pokemon Silver:
Pokemon Crystal:
Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald:
Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed:
Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver:
Pokemon Black and White:

Hope This Info Helped Out! :thumbsup: [/details]

Mew [details=Open Me]Mew is a legendary pokemon. Mew is #151 on the National Pokedex. Mew has a different vision, Shiny . Mew has its own footprint Mew stands at 1’4’’ and weighs 8.8 pounds. Mew’s ability “Synchronize” makes it so “If the Pokemon with Synchronize becomes affected by Burn, Poison, or Paralyze, the attacker receives the same status condition.” Mew is a type pokemon. You need 1,059,860 EXP o get a level 100 Mew. If you some how have a Mew egg you need 30,976 steps to hatch it. Mew is a gender less pokemon. Mew can be caught in Emerald at “Faraway Island (requires Old Sea Map)” and HeartGold and SoulSilver Via Mystery Gift.

Experience Point Table: [details=Open Me]Lv. 1 0 Lv. 26 13,411 Lv. 51 125,126 Lv. 76 447,591
Lv. 2 9 Lv. 27 15,244 Lv. 52 133,229 Lv. 77 466,464
Lv. 3 57 Lv. 28 17,242 Lv. 53 141,677 Lv. 78 485,862
Lv. 4 96 Lv. 29 19,411 Lv. 54 150,476 Lv. 79 505,791
Lv. 5 135 Lv. 30 21,760 Lv. 55 159,635 Lv. 80 526,260
Lv. 6 179 Lv. 31 24,294 Lv. 56 169,159 Lv. 81 547,274
Lv. 7 236 Lv. 32 27,021 Lv. 57 179,056 Lv. 82 568,841
Lv. 8 314 Lv. 33 29,949 Lv. 58 189,334 Lv. 83 590,969
Lv. 9 419 Lv. 34 33,084 Lv. 59 199,999 Lv. 84 613,664
Lv. 10 560 Lv. 35 36,435 Lv. 60 211,060 Lv. 85 636,935
Lv. 11 742 Lv. 36 40,007 Lv. 61 222,522 Lv. 86 660,787
Lv. 12 973 Lv. 37 43,808 Lv. 62 234,393 Lv. 87 685,228
Lv. 13 1,261 Lv. 38 47,846 Lv. 63 246,681 Lv. 88 710,266
Lv. 14 1,612 Lv. 39 52,127 Lv. 64 259,392 Lv. 89 735,907
Lv. 15 2,035 Lv. 40 56,660 Lv. 65 272,535 Lv. 90 762,160
Lv. 16 2,535 Lv. 41 61,450 Lv. 66 286,115 Lv. 91 789,030
Lv. 17 3,120 Lv. 42 66,505 Lv. 67 300,140 Lv. 92 816,525
Lv. 18 3,798 Lv. 43 71,833 Lv. 68 314,618 Lv. 93 844,653
Lv. 19 4,575 Lv. 44 77,440 Lv. 69 329,555 Lv. 94 873,420
Lv. 20 5,460 Lv. 45 83,335 Lv. 70 344,960 Lv. 95 902,835
Lv. 21 6,458 Lv. 46 89,523 Lv. 71 360,838 Lv. 96 932,903
Lv. 22 7,577 Lv. 47 96,012 Lv. 72 377,197 Lv. 97 963,632
Lv. 23 8,825 Lv. 48 102,810 Lv. 73 394,045 Lv. 98 995,030
Lv. 24 10,208 Lv. 49 109,923 Lv. 74 411,388 Lv. 99 1,027,103
Lv. 25 11,735 Lv. 50 117,360 Lv. 75 429,235 Lv. 100 1,059,860[/details] <— EXP Chart Added! :thumbsup: [/details]

Slowpoke [details=Open Me]Slowpoke is a / pokemon. Slowpoke is # 79 in the national pokedex. Slowpoke has a different version, shiny its like a lighter pale pink. Slowpoke has it own footprint Slowpoke stands at 3’11’’ and weighs 79.4 pounds. Slowpoke has two abilities “Oblivious” which means that “The Pokemon with Oblivious cannot be affected by Attract or Cute Charm.” and “Own Tempo” which means that “The Pokemon with Own Tempo cannot become Confused.” To get a level 100 Slowpoke you need 1,000,000 EXP points. If you have a Slowpoke egg you need 5,376 steps to hatch it. Slowpoke can evolve once but i can evolve into 1 of 2 pokemon, Slowbro at level 37 or Slowking by Trade while holding King’s Rock. Slowpoke can be caught in every game except Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond.

Experience Point Table: [details=Open Me]

[/details] [/details]

Metapod [details=Open Me]Metapod is a type pokemon. Metapod is # 11 on the national pokedex. Metapod has a different version, shiny Metapod sadly has no footprint. Metapod stands at 2’4’’ and weighs 21.8 pounds. Metapod has the “Shed Skin” ability which means that “Metapod has a 30% chance of removing any status conditions it has between turns.” To get a level 100 Metapod you need 1,000,000 EXP points. If you have a Metapod egg you need 4,080 steps to hatch it. Metapod has a pre-evolution, Caterpie and a evolution at level 10 to Butterfree . Metapod can be caught in every pokemon game.
Hope this info Helps [/details]

Charizard [details=Open Me]Charizard is a / type pokemon. Charizard is # 6 on the national pokedex. Charizard has a different version, shiny which in my opinion is the best most awesomest shiny pokemon ever. Charizard has his own footprint Charizard stands at 5’7’’ and weighs 199.5 pounds. Charizard’s ability is “Blaze” which means “Raises the power of the Pokemon with Blaze’s Fire-type attacks by 1.5x while the Pokemon with Blaze has less than 34% of its max HP.” To get a level 100 Charizard you need 1,059,860 EXP points. To get charizard by egg you need to get a charmander first and let it evolve up to a charizard, it will take 5,376 steps to hatch. Charizard has 2 pre-evolutions, Charmander and Charmeleon . Charizard can be obtained in pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, LeafGreen, FireRed, HeartGold, And SoulSilver by Evolving Charmeleon. Has to be traded to other games to get. [/details]

Post What Pokemon You Love Or What Pokemon You Want For Me To Give Info On


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