Possible MODS for Palworld game

As everyone should already be aware, the game Palworld will be released on the 19th and will have offline mode then, I would like to leave here my opinion of possible mods for the game I think should have in the in game:

God’s Way
Multiply Attack
Multiply Defense
Multiply Loot
Infinite Items
Captures Successfully Always
Rare Encounter Multiplier (Shiny Hunt) - I think it should have variations within the game
Infinite Money
EXP multiplier
Do Not Need Items to Build Weapons/Items/Etc
Happiness at the Maximum of the Monster - possibly the game will have something about it

What do you think? Will we have more things in Palworld? If so, what are some possible mods for him? I am crazy to have that game in my Steam!!

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if it’s popular enough, a mod might be made for this. Again, it depends on several factors- is it server-sided or client sided game (online or offline doesn’t matter), is it popular enough, that sort of thing. So see how it goes. No promise.

Also if it doesn’t get sued and shut down by Nintendo for blatantly ripping off their Pokémon assets.

It will not because the game have weapons,slave monster/dead monsters, etc. Pokemon does not have it. Also Pokemon Company does not have controll for the Monster Capture/Tame Games,never had.

The “monsters” are clearly direct rip-offs of Nintendo’s Pokemon creatures. You can see clear examples here: https://whynowgaming.com/palworld-how-hasnt-it-been-sued-by-the-pokemon-company/. Nintendo own the “images” of the Pokemon, just like they own the images of Mario, Donkey Kong, and so on. Usually Nintendo is an extremely trigger-happy company when it comes to lawsuits too.

We’ll see what happens in the future, after the game is publicly released and begins actually making money (no real point suing someone you can’t make a financial profit from). :slight_smile:

Back on topic, you can learn more about how trainers are made here: https://support.wemod.com/docs/game-queue. If it’s popular enough amongst the community it’ll appear in the queue in due course. :slight_smile:

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