Possible to get achievements on X1 with Achievement Unlocker on 360?

Hi, I am nearly done with Destiny, missing only one more achievement. Of course its the “Flawless Raider”, doing the raid with a team without anyone dying. Attempted this many times, but its almost impossible with the amount of glitches against Atheon and to rely on other people.

Just want to get this out of the way to move on to other games, so I was wondering if its possible to unlock the achievement on 360 with the Horizon Achievement Unlocker and then play it on One to unlock it there. Is this possible, or have anyone tried this?

Since the achievements are possible to transfer both ways, imo it should work if the achievement is unlocked on 360. Wanted to know if anyone has done this or can confirm that this work.


i was curios as to this also, because friends kept asking me…but it seems since its server based, it knows your stats, so if you unlock flawless raider on 360 it will not carry over to X1 i tested this out on a dummy gold account

I am sorry to have to say this, but destiny is an online only game, and all of the achievements acquired in destiny have to be done so legitimately. You cannot, and I repeat, cannot use the achievement unlocker for horizon to unlock any achievements, otherwise you will 99% get banned from the destiny servers.

Damn. Guess I will have to do it legit then, as I feared.

What does your team look like when attempting this achievement?
(ex: What classes are you running with, weaponry people are using, etc.)

My Raid team and I have completed this achievement and found it very easy; we didn’t cheese Atheon

All lvl 30s. I don’t think its hard at all, just hate to rely on other people. Have tried it three times, and got as far as the jumping part right before the Gatekeeper. Someone died, trying to jump from the first platform. Before that we had a guy that died on the way down to the Gorgons after we beat the Templar. And our first time someone killed himself with his Rocket Launcher. Just stupid errors I guess, not playing with exp. enough people.

But its hard to find someone to do this with. Too bad its team based, cause had it been doable solo, I would have gotten it easily. Guess I will get it if I try enough, or find the right people, but just hate to use so much time for something thats not that hard.

I’m afraid we will get to Atheon someday, and a glitch will happen.

I have maxed out Fatebringer and Icebreaker, as well as Rocket Launchers, Heavy Machine Gun and strong Fusion Rifles, so don’t think its the combat thats the problem.

It’s apparently locked to grimoire cards, if you have the card the achievement unlocks in the other console

You make it sound like Gaming is a career!

If you are talking about the finish the raid without anyone dying, I believe it can be done just like the Strike without dying achievement. If someone dies, have them leave the fireteam and come back before you kill Atheon.

I understand where you’re coming from when it comes to wanting experienced people; I’ve run the Raid with many high level players yet it seemed as if they had never run the Raid before! Luckily, I had a squad that I had been Raiding with for a good period of time so we all knew who went where and didn’t have to stick anyone in a position in which they weren’t comfortable with. (I’m not saying you’re doing so with your Fireteam, but with everyone being Lvl. 30 we weren’t worried about getting killed, since we’re levels above the enemies, we were worried about the game throwing a glitch at us while close to the end!)

Weapon wise, if you/your squad are running with weapons like the Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, Ice Breaker, Gjallarhorn, Corrective Measure, etc. than you shouldn’t be having any problems killing…just have to communicate on who is doing what/when while trying to stay alive. (ex: When I was trying for Flawless Raider my squad consisted of 2x Hunters, 2x Titans, and 2x Warlocks.)

Prior to completing Flawless Raider we felt as if the task was going to be very difficult and that we’d have to attempt the Raid a multitude of times, but, like I said, after completing the task we all felt as if it was very easy; just took patients. Realistically, and I’m not lying when I say this, it only took my group and I one attempt to achieve Flawless Raider.


Like all Raid squads, mine consisted of the same six people week-in and week-out, but, the night we decided to go for Flawless Raider, one of out Fireteam members had real life plans to attend to. So, thanks to a XBL buddy of mine who had already completed Flawless Raider, invited a friend of his who had been in the group when he had completed the task. Before starting the Raid with us five and this one “random”, we all felt pretty confident, with him being apart of the Flawless Raider group and us all completing the Hard Raid dozens of times! But, once we got onto the battlefield, the guy, who we felt was going to be okay without any problems, couldn’t stop dying. Long story short, we dropped him (he said he was having connection issues yet was green bar) and picked up our normal Fireteam member and completed the Flawless Raider Raid first try.

Best of luck!

No, that method for achieving a perfect Strike doesn’t work when going for Flawless Raider. For the achievement to pop you seriously can’t have anyone die; you have to start/finish the entire Raid without anyone leaving/rejoining/dying. (ex: If someone within the Fireteam departs than they can’t rejoin or it’ll ruin the chance for everyone else to get the achievement.)

*I once had a r/DestinyTheGame post that explained what was/wasn’t allowed when going for Flawless Raider, what would/wouldn’t void getting the achievement, and that Strike method was one of the things that would void the achievement.

if you are saying like can xbox one get achievements yes if u are saying can horizon just put your xbox profile in your flash drive plug it in to your pc and if your a diamond member u can add achivements to it :smile:

Yes but…

then don’t use it for destiny then? lol

Guys, Bandana has already found out the bit of information he was looking for.

…I seem to be the only one who carried on the thread by asking him more specific questions regarding Flawless Raider; the sole purpose of this thread from the beginning.

I realize it requires some reading, but reading previous posts helps stop spam/unnecessary bumping/etc.