Possible way to unlock all weapon skins with a simple glitch?

Okay, so none of my DLC for gears was working. I copied my brothers infected omen dlc data just to see if i coud get it working for me on my console, with no success :cry: Then, i got bored with using my golden skins and decided to purchase a new skin set, the oil slick set. When i went online to apply and set my skins, I had the infected omen skin set unlocked! :expressionless::thumbsup: I would like someone who has MS points to purchase a skin set after copying a full unlock file, ie season pass or full weapon set skins ie shotgun skin set or hammerburst skin set.

Copy someones files with your ids, place them on your flash drive, go online, they wont likely work.
In my case, log onto xbox.xom, purchase a skin set or two, log onto your console, and download your content from xbox.com.
It should unock the copied files to your console/ profile?
Anyone willing to look into this please keep me posted :smile:

Edit:Here you go all the pre order DLC
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service- credit to 7Heavens

Thanks goes out to Universal for testing out the season pass and DLC preorder files. You guys are awesome!

Omg this worked!!!

i copied my mates Id’s who has the season pass i played one online game and then went to buy the ‘rainbow skin set’ went to go change my skins and i had ALL OFF THEM!!! OMG!!!


Wait, you arent just yankin my chain right, this really worked?

I want to try this if thiers proof


Invite me if you want

GT: JakeeHD

You could just try it, i mean i see that you prob dont want to spend 240 MSP if it wont work but… ahh nevermind i see your point.

Including XBOX (Green) skin?

ill record it now!!

Assuming you have a file for the xbox green skin then yes, that will work too. but you need the file for it sadly

Send me season pass please?

Haha, melanie, if you have comfirmed this working, please share the file for the season pass for those of the community who cannot obtain a file from a friend. REMEMBER users that you need to purchase a skin set from xbox.com in order for the copied files to WORK.

I already have the season pass, but it will not discount DLC as that is profile locked.


Would this still maybe work for the full set of a single weapon such as the hammerburst file? lol i had the file but i deleted it before my downloads started. i kinda regret that, we’d know if i didnt delete those pesky files off of my xbox.

epic ****ed up big time

Someone has the complete collection to share and see if it works would be great!

Any risks for the original owner in sharing the complete collection?

Exactly what I was thinking lol.

Alright can anybody prove this meaning someone that is trust worthy.

Does this work?