Post some xbox 360 bio art!

hey xboxmb, so i looked around on here and realized, theres no xboxmb bio art forums, i know, big deal. but this intrests me, i’ve always thought these things were cool. for those of you that dont know what im talking about xbox 360 bio art is basically taking lines, dashes, symols, etc. and arranging them in your bio to create images, you can also take those symbols and copy and paste them into your bio from other websites using either or the profile editor in horizon. ive made a few and i figured if people had favorites from websites or maybe even some other artists out there wanna try post them here.

here are some websites for examples, tuts, etc.
"bio art generator"(havent looked at this yet)

look around on the internet and post em here guys!

The second one isn’t a site… it’s a megaupload download which is very suspiocus.

i know, theres a reason i didnt download it. i dont have virus protection so i didnt want to take my chances but i figured someone with the best of the best virus security would try it out and let us all know

No, these are NOT mine.

haha ive seen the robot before, they used that as an example as “what to suspend for” for offensive bios withs xbox’s enforcement team

They are common… Best site so far is the one you have listed. :smiley:

As for the Bio Art Generator, I have all 3, and they are trash.

i have a playboy bio look it up GT-darkreaper47

Nice the first site has mad **** in it.

i cant load the first site, my computer is crap

Just wanted to thank you so much for referring my website. im the creator of and glad to see you guys have heard of it and referring it. My luv and appreciation Miss xFANTASYx :smile: