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Post your computer specs!


xIENVYIx is correct. The DDR4 2666 is actually overclocked to 2933 just that Speccy listed it’s speed as the “raw” Mhz which I overlooked when I did the copy and paste. Never touched the timings on it just the frequency and voltage until I get some better cooling in my system and start tweaking my overclocking settings on the CPU.

The Deepcool Iceblade 200M can handle the thermal limits of the Ryzen 5 1600X @ a 4.1Ghz but it is a bit too hot for my liking at 80 Celsius under max load and the cooling on the VRMs isn’t that great currently with it being 92mm fans on the cooler and a 120 mm on the rear of the case. The VRMs have a lack of air flow with the cooler fans sitting a bit too high up but making do with what I can afford upgrading little by little. Cooler used to be on the X4 965 until I got the Ryzen running in January. Once I have better cooling for teh CPU and VRMs I will look into pushing the Ram a bit more and tweaking the timings on it.


Ah right speccy that explains a lot. Didn’t even thought about that. Sorry my fault.


Damn right it’s your fault.


Sorry that I don’t use software that is too stupid to show correct clocks


But, they were correct.


with that I meant software that shows that they are running on 2933 instead making me do my math myself


But, it’s in the name DDR, Double data rate…


I’m not stupid you know.
I still prefer not to use math myself and let the software do it.


Fair enough