Post your custom Xbox!

If you have any questions reguarding modding the hardware, case parts, case itself please PM me.

Well I don’t know what happened to my other stickied thread for this but it was used a lot, but only when XMB was 2 months old. So I decided to repost it and let people post pictures of there xbox!


  • Must be YOUR xbox and not one from youtube etc…
  • pictures and videos are both fine
  • Cannot be an xbox without anything visual. (So it must have something that an xbox you buy at the store doesn’t have)
  • Spoilers must be used for bigger pictures.

Here is mine:
I call it the USA xbox:

All custom cut and all put together by myself (made it about 1 year and a half ago)

Dremel went Ape**** halfway through the cut.
Also, the controller paint was intended (White)


You should fix up the paint a bit or add a protective coat on it.

Open Me

Open Me

i got a led kit in im putting it in on sunday and will post a new pic then

sick as f*ckkkkkkkkkk ^^^

but ot: i kinda wish i had my xbox still but im good with my pc i just need bf3 now ;p

it toke me about 4 hours to cut the top out with a laser machine and about 20 min to do the daft punk

Really nice xboxes! Lolzorz you should touch up on the paint, and Juggalo Toxic,
paint the top rim a little better (is it marker or paint???) (Great LEDS BTW :stuck_out_tongue: ) But still, everybody great xboxes! Bye!

Stole this image from XCM, but I actually have the case.

My Xboxs are kind of ugly right now. They are all opened lol.
But the Elite that I am using had has a blue Ring of Light and a blue LED fan. That’s about it.

I’m trying to Hot-Swap. Come at me :expressionless:

my falcon v2 jtag ^^

Open Me

Open Me

I could mistake that for a computer with no case. xD

it keps the 360 at ~32 celsius :smile:

Lol but why so big?! Looks like the twin towers (no racism…terrorism… jokes there… just statin’ facts :worried:)

there were no smaller ones xD

Lol are those from a Laptop?

~After response let’s get back on topic by Page 3

nope from a normal pc socket 775 .

Oh lol. And idk why I said Laptop those are from a tower or what ever you said there facepalm I’m done with tech :laughing: