Post your modded Xbox 360's here

Guidelines for this thread:

  • No discussion except talking about someones Xbox.
  • No flaming even if that persons Xbox looks horrible. Keep it to yourself!
  • Xbox 360’s ONLY! Devkits are permitted.
  • Specs are allowed but I would recommend adding a picture.

I will post my Xbox here but need to take pics first and add the specs

Here is my Jtag

I will post some pictures up later. Nice jtag ^

heres my jtag

3 12 volts fans and an xclamp!
im st8 pimpin with it

Ive Orderd My Jtag:)?

Comin In 2 Weeks!

I got an modded jtag, its an jasper, with an kewl case mod, i will edit this post later with an picture of it :wink:

- iFresh

I have 2 xenon JTAGz 1 Flashed And 1 normal xbox 360 am i aloud 2 sell stuff on here :L ? coz both JTAGz hav RRoD and wana sell them ? Im from UK?


Jtag specs:

Newest freeboot, dash9199 :laughing:
Xenon <3
Blue ROL
Sexy case :stuck_out_tongue:
Has MW2, Reach, Halo3,Cod4 on it…:stuck_out_tongue:
120gb HDD

Regular Xbox specs:
Chrome Case+Blue Rol
Jasper :worried:
20gb HDD

This isn’t meant to post xexmenu…>_>

Its meant to post stuff like this

These are from Google.

Yea, we don’t wanna see your xex menu lol.

Just ordered my JTAG a few days ago. Cant wait!

Haha nice on speed, i got the same as you speed, but i dont got the blue ligth ; /

thank you!!

just added that in the thread thanks!!

My Flashed XBOX


Theres a few pics of my jtag.

In the process of modding my other xbox right now… Just tring to find a cheap dremmel so I can fix the horrible cutting job I did on my hdd… It’s going to be bright when I’m done with it :wink:

Geez… That looks smexy :smiley:

Where did you get the clear case from?

those are some crazy xbox’z lol

I know it was said no random posts, Im going to edit this with photos of my custom xbox but could we also maybe make a rule of no Jtags unless they are actually customized? Because face it, who doesn’t have a Jtag at this day and age? :smile:

these are some prety nice 360s especially that all blue one