Post Your Nightfall rewards here!

I Thought of having this thread for everyone to post their nightfall rewards every week cause i love seeing what people got from the Nightfall!

What i got for this week :

•Lucky Raspberry
•One/One Synthese

Not that awesome of drops i still need the Bones of Eao and i wish Xur sells it next friday.

Keep this thread updated with your rewards!

•Legendary Engram (ugh)
•Thunderlord (already had one)
•Lucky Raspberry (again, already had one)

Not very happy with my rewards this week…

I’ve only done one nightfall this week on my own account because I’m also doing all of my girls NF’s/Weeklies while she’s away.

I got from my one nightfall:
Pest Control Matrix - Auto Rifle - Dismantled it

My weekly, I got a legendary engram which turned into:
Pest Control Matrix… Also dismantled.

Her account got:
Obsidian Mind
No Backup Plans
11 Strange Coins

At least you got two exotic shards.

I did nightfall solo three times this week, all I got was 3 crummy vanguard weapons.

The amount of freakin lucky rasberry drops is too damn high!

•Celestial Nighthawk (yay!)
•Truth (My 3rd one :confused:)
•Sawtooth Oscillator (ew)


My account:

  • Patience & Time
  • Voidfang Vestments
  • Bones of Eao

Her account:

  • Purifier Robes
  • Obsidian Mind
  • Etheric Light

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i just shove bananas in toasters?¿?¿?


  • Icebreaker (Exotic Shard)


  • MIDA Multi-Tool (Exotic Shard)

This time i got :
No Shard Beyond
Some crappy legendary weapon
Heavy engram which turned into Arma engine DOA (Mote of light)

C’mon RNG i need the bones of eao pls.

My reward was getting to have the best S3X of my life!

You and a friend of mine are both seeking that…why?

…I mean yeah I too I want them but only so I can say “Yeah, I have every exotic piece of armor for my Hunter.” because Achlyophage Symbiote or Mask of the Third Man are much better to have for supers!

I Want them because of reasons…

blade dancer triple jump…insane height m8


Finally got my first Gally :smile:

sorry about the quality


  • Etheric Light


  • The Last Word (Exotic Shard)

Hunter :
• Dragon’s Breath (Shard)

Warlock :
•Nothing Manacles (Shard)

Titan :
•Starfire Protocol (Shard)

Congrats on your Gjallarhorn! i got my first one from my 3rd Nightfall ever!
Also, the picture isn’t loading for me.

Anyone playing this on the X1?

Unfortunately, i still haven’t made the move to XB1 if i had i would have definitely helped you out with whatever you need.

  • Ajsda;lksdphage Symbiote (Shard)
  • Vindicator NM Auto Rifle (Mote)
  • No Land Be Awesome (Shard)

xbox 360 master race