Post Your Rarest Pokemon Cards you Have

heres mine:


I don’t have any pokemon cards left, I put them in a box then gave them to goodwill. xP

i got this one around somewhere…

my sister drew on all my rares so they got dumped :cry:

overpowered, just like one man army danger close

lol i’d never take the time to get hang oout of the game i just liked the pictures on them …if it was shiney and **** then we assumed it was rare. Just for trading and stuff.

i kno right? i never played a normal pokemon game, we f**ked up the rules

I got this card given to me at a verry young age. Still got it and it kills everything with one hit when you play it.

Here were my rarest cards, these are just google images because I got rid of all mine…

[details=Open Me]

Blastoise was my favorite because it was all sparkly on the sides… I never did play a actual Pokemon game lol. I just loved the designs and pictures.

**** all the new ****…

Proud owner of card 1-151 (Mew is from movie theatre, first movie in like 1998).
All mint, all in binders, GET AT ME.

I have about 100 pokemon cards I kept from when my kids played it… 1995-2001 cards… I have no clue about them just kept them for memories… A bunch of basic pokemon and evolve card, stage one… along with trainer and energy cards… Prolly not worth much but are priceless to me… :smile:

How do i tell if they are rare or not ? i have about 5 decks and have no idea how to tell :laughing: :S

i call it the hippie card

im 15 i dont play with pokemon anymore but i acualy spent over 1,000$ on them and had almost every one… but i gave them to my neighbor

I just realised i had one of these in like year 5 or 6 and traded it away, i looked it up on ebay they are selling for £100
I cried :cry:

Honestly, I dunt remember what I did with them, I think my rarest one was Drangonite or Gengar

You misspelled “Weight” on the card.

My rarest was a Charizard I think. I never had any of the newer generation cards.