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Post Your Setup!


Is…Is that amblight?!


My Computer Room:

Raspberry Pi Cluster in the Basement (Work in Progress):


Why yes… yes it is sir :smiley: its a nice touch imo


Had a bit of cash lying around so decided to completely overhaul my set-up. Looking pretty good now, might get a different desk though… (40" TV w/xbox 360 + xbox one is further too the right of the computer)

[details=Open Me]Will tidy some other time…

DayZ from A little while back (Old room)

Eww wires





look in my sig





I really like this thread most of you have wayyy better setups then I do so it’s interesting to see them.

Here’s my 7-year poor man work in progress

Sorry about the low quality.


I know the feeling! :confused:


My housemate just moved out so I have made his room into my games room. I also have an Xbox one and a wii u in the sitting room

My Xbox one is blacked out by the unit but it’s above the subwoofer


Nice and simple I like it. I’m not a fan of the desk because of leg space but if you like it then it’s all good.



I like that computer. Give it to me… now!


before this setup I only had a corner to fit a desk. Didn’t have much choice. Might buy another plus a new chair.

It’s the first computer I built. My little baby haha


I just moved into my new place and still need to get a few things as you can tell in the pic a game system cabinet.

Open Me

Under the t.v. I have my xbox one
From left to right

Xbox 360-1:250gb falcon with xk3y and 1tb external also lt3.0

Xbox 360-2:250gb Xenon jtag with fsd3.0 and a 80mm cpu fan

Xbox 360-3:falcon lt3.0

Orignal Phat ps2: MCboot 1.8 60gb hard drive

Orignal Phat ps3 BC: 500gb


Only posting since I got a new monitor today.
Monitor on the left is a BenQ XL2411Z @ 144Hz and the one on the right is a BenQ XL2420T @ 120Hz. Need to buy a monitor arm for these two, and a boom arm for my microphone.


Big ass mouse pad

Digging the monitors though.


SteelSeries QCK+

Best mouse pad that I’ve owned. Could use a new one as I’ve really worn this one down.


Logitech ones are great.


New setup. Desk is the Micke from IKEA. It’s great for a low budget desk.
Second monitor coming soon.