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Post Your Setup!


Post your Gaming Setup or Workplace!

Here’s mine:

Most of u cant get pics so just name it?



Regular desktop with a 2gb Ram, JTag Xenon motherboard, 32 inch LCD, Hotswappable xbox(RROD R.I.P) and my regular xbox.

Soon to all be connected to xbl with 24mb/s internet :smile:


42 inch i think
flashed xbox
normal xbox
a pc


Nice lol @ “xbox(RROD R.I.P)”


I have the same tv stand.




very nice


4 Xbox’s: E79 Xenon JTAG, broken flashed 360, random RRoD Xbox + working retail HDMI Xbox (Zephyr mobo I think)

HD PVR :smiley:


47" Vizio TV
Xbox360 Elite(XBL)
Xbox360 Pro(New Dash//No XBL)
17" Compaq Laptop 4GB RAM
52"Vizio TV
Desktop with 8GB RAM on the 52"


Just my 48" TV And my Retail Xbox 360 Pro


23’’ Samsung Full-HD TV
Xbox 360 Elite
HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop


LOL how Dusty is your stand :laughing:


46’ Sony HDTV
Jtag xbox360
Regular xbox360
two computers
2 ps2’s
turtle beach headset and surround sound speakers
2 gaming chairs


I put a video about it on youtube a while back.

[details=Open Me]

YouTube - Marathon’s Gaming Setup[/details]


Nice set up


Thanks :smiley:
My stone age tv and un-modded xbox.
I feel special.
Everyone else here has fancy-shmancy stuff I can’t afford.


42" Inch Vizio HDTV
Reg MW2 Xbox
Flashed Elite Xbox
A lotta Games
Desktop PC
Surround Sound System!


PVR, HDTV 32", xbox, mac laptop for recording, Hp desktop for editing and stuff. transfer cable :stuck_out_tongue:


nice video


Thanks, that was a couple months ago.
I don’t remember what I sound like in that video, but a lot of people think I’m like 21-30.
I’m only 15 years old.
I get a lot of **** from people on xbox saying I’m a 30 year old guy living in my moms basement.
I lawl at them.