Post Your Skyrim Mod Requests Here!

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 Well I have seen an extreme amount of requests for modding Skyrim saves so I decided to create this thread for all the request to go to reduce clutter! Please make a post for your Modded save(s) (I am NOT doing any, this is for other members to do for you. If you mod someones save then repost for all to see.)

IMPORTANT: I am NOT the one who is modding the saves. I just created this thread for people to request/mod saves.


  1. Put a download link on your post with your save

  2. List of things that you want on your character.

Gold Amount:


Item ID’s


Dragon Shouts:


Dragon Shout ID’s:


Skill and Perk ID’s:


Spell ID’s:


Example Request:

[Link to save]
add 99,999 lockpicks (ID is: 0000000A)
add 99,999,999 gold (ID is: 0000000F)
Complete spell book(Or put a list If it’s 5 things per section or less. Read below for info on this)
Raise my level to: 99
Raise All (or list some) to 99(or another amount)
One hit kill weapons (Bows and Daggers)

Note: If you want more than 5 things for one of the spell sections above, please either narrow it down to 5 things or request a full spell book (Every spell in the game).

Want a save YOU modded on this Thread? PM me It!
Add a title above the link for me to include

Saves Submitted so Far:

To have a save you or a friend modded, PM me a link to the save with a list like if you were requesting.

Click the spoiler next to a save for the Info + Link

  1. Ashassin’s Modded Save:[details=Save]


Click for Epic Music —>[song]4BUIXq8oblY[/song] <— Click for Epic Music


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maybe i can actually get my stuff done now

It’s a community thread. Post it on here. That is for pre-modded saves that people want listed.

Save 215 - DJ Skyrim 57.44.49.exs
Gold Ammount: Leave at the same


000139c0 ArrowDaedric 999999
0003ad5b HeartDeadric 9999

Shouts:ALL + ALL words

Skills:All 150

Perks: ALL

Spells: ALL

1 hit kill weapons(Daedric Bow, Daedric Dagger)
Impenetrable Armor(Dragon plate, Dragon Scale, Daedric, Glass)


Save 219 - Lexi Skyrim 00.19.33.exs

heres my save bro,

just want 60 perks points.
maybe level me up to 60, then derank me back to 1.

Enjoy your save
Save 215 - DJ Skyrim 57.44.49.exs

Save: Save 112 - Pablo Whiterun 43.21.14.exs

Gold Ammount: 50,000 (ID is: 0000000F)
Add 1000 Lock picks (ID is: 0000000A)

Level: keep the same (34) i think

000139c0 ArrowDaedric 5000
0003ad5b HeartDeadric 100
000139b5 BowDaedric 5

Shouts: dont add any

Skills: Make Enchanting 100, Light Armor 100, Pick Pocket 100 and Archery 100. Also give me 120 skill points to be ready to spend on perks.

Perks: —

Spells: —

Magika: make it 500
Health:make it 500
Stamina:make it 500

Increase carry weight to 500 also unless stamina already increases carry weight :smile:

Thank you to whoever mods it for me. I will check back tomorrow :smile:

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Level: Leave as is
Gold Amount: 99,999,999 (ID is: 0000000F)
Light Armor: Set to 15
Medium Armor: 15
Heavy Armor:15
Archery: 15
Block: 15
One-handed: 15
Two Handed: 15
Spells: ALL

Have fun. Save 112 - Pablo Whiterun 43.21.14.exs

Also you can’t add perk points.

You can’t add perk points. Also how many site are you gonna post your save on asking for perk points. -_-

you cant add perk points perse… but you can definately add perks via not sure if levelling him to 60 and then decreasing his level to 1 will work either?

Okay, so I put 3000 coins in a barrel and I am wondering will it still work or do I have to put 1000 something coins?

Does the money mod tool that was created still work?

Sometimes, for some people. Sometimes not. Most reliable way to get your gold/items is to request a save mod.

Thanks player8410 and Label for modding users saves. If the user does not thank your post I will if you mod saves for people! Thanks anyone who is/plans on helping out on the thread!

** UPDATE **

First modded save added! Thanks Ashassin! If you have a pre-modded save, request, or modded a request, please post on the thread to help out other users!

Have fun :smile:

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Thank you for modding saves for members :thumbsup: I just wish some more people would participate. :expressionless:

May i ask how you mod it?

Is it through HxD?
EDIT- i would love to participate and help you out if i knew how to do it.

I do not mod the saves, others do. Consider this a “Hub” for users to request/mod saves. I do not know how.

You need the PC version of skyrim and mod the save with the command console.