Postal 2/3

I wanted to know if it is possible to get a jtaged version of postal 2 or 3, because i’d love to play it.

If you mean the games then no we dont upload games on here. Google should help if you have jtag can get em anywhere probably still

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Postal 1, 2 or 3 never came to Xbox 360 so you’re not going to be able to play them on a 360 ever, whether it’s Jtaged or not. If they had been released they’d be in my collection of Jtag/RGH games and unfortunately they’re not.

Glad to see you stop in again, though. Hope everything is good!

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That is a sad thing to know about, but thanks anyway.
I’m doing good btw. Also, any really good and underrated games for the xbox 360?

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To be honest there are tons. Have you played Rage yet? If not it’s a great game and you can find the main game and all DLC for Jtag/RGH if you look.

What type of games are you into? Off of the top of my head I can suggest The Evil Within, Singularity, I am Alive, Deadlight, El Shaddai Ascension of The Metatron, Shadows of the Damned, Prey, Neverdead, The Darkness games, Painkiller Hell & Damnation, MindJack, Inversion, Enslaved. Don’t forget about ANY Resident Evil games, Borderlands games, Dead Space games, Bioshock games, Just Cause games. Way too many more to mention…but I’m sure you’ve already searched very hard so most of these you’ve already played. There are some obscure ones out there, though. So let me know if you find any that you thing I might enjoy. Peace!

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I did not expect that many games and sadly i played through half of them. I really enjoyed painkiller, darkness 2 and resident evil games. Some of them i haven’t even heard of so i’ll make sure to check them out. By the way, i enjoy any tipe of game, except for racing games, cause they’re just not that interesting to me. Thanks my dude!

Also, do you know or have any mega links for I am alive and deadlight?