Power points on a xbox 360 controller

This is a tut from Llamma. This tut will show you where the power spots are on a controller. I take no credit for this, iam just showing you the spots so you know where they are. Here is also another tut from Llamma on how to wire multiple LEDs to your xbox 360 controller board. I take no credit for this tut too. I put this together on 7 s and iam simply carrying it over onto here to help you guys out.

Btw you can also use a mod chip to wire the LEDs too.

This is a wireless controller and the power points were measured by an analogue miltimeter. I can’t be 100% sure they’re correct.
Bottom right power point is ground. It should be in black but it isn’t.
These points are all on when the controller is turned on.

Matrix controller

Cg controller

Wired controller

Nice post… I guess.

But aren’t rapid fire controllers patched?

If you play black ops, yes.

If you play good games, no.

not for long silentmodz team is working on a new chip ^.^

a lot of points lol

wow nice post, this should help a lot of people out man

viking 360 all the way

No, they still work. Here is proof.