Pre-order Key for Steam

I have a pre-order key for Like a dragon gaiden The Man Who Erased His Memory That is suppose to come out soon on steam. I have already redeemed the code because I was afraid that if I redeemed it after the game came out I wouldn’t get the bonus content. This is my first time pre-ordering a game. I usually by the games after they are out. The code seeme legit as it did say the name of the game after i used the code. My ? is in the future do I have to use the pre-order code before the game comes out or can I after. I am guessing it doesn’t matter as in the past when I have pre-ordered from Gamestop they give you the code when you pick up the game. Also I am afraid that I lost out on the money that I spent for like a gaiden because I used the code before the game came out. I would appreciate any thought on this matter. Thanks in advance.


You can redeem the code before or after the game comes out. But to be extra safe, before it comes out would be better.

I claimed my Starfield pre-order code about 3 or 4 weeks before it came out.

And I also bought a “pre-order” code from CDKeys for Hogwarts Legacy like 3 months after the game was released (it was cheaper than the non-pre-order code, for some reason lol), and still got the pre-order bonus stuff. :person_shrugging:

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Cool. Thanks for the reply. BTW what website did you by your pre-order from. I bought mine from

As and edit. Everything has worked out fine. My game is just finishing up downloading and everything is looking good. The only thing that I need is a legendary mod from Fling and I will be good to go.