Pre-purchase question regarding the remote & shortcuts

Hello there.
So I tried to configure the shortcut keys for a game, and when I click the button to change one, it goes crazy and just auto selects the left click on the mouse.

That was an off-putting first experience. It did the same thing for each option in a trainer, and didn’t seem to have the option to reset the initial binding either?

I’m running the latest version of infinity.

Now onto my other question. I want to continue to launch my games via Steam. Not infinity. Is this possible? Having infinity open is fine, but want to continue to launch my games with Steam.

Due to this… I want to activate my cheats via my phone. If I purchase the pro subscription, can I use infinity with the use case I listed above?

Thank you

Hey there,

I’ll look into the keyboard binding issue you’re experiencing. Pressing delete should clear the hotkey, and backspace should reset it to its default.

You can continue starting your games using Steam with no issue!

Thanks Frank! To reproduce, I clicked the pencil button and it immediately goes away and left click up is selected.

So to confirm, I could launch infinity, leave it open in the background, launch a game in Steam, then activate cheats for it using the remote app, without switching back to the infinity program right?

My only other feedback is that I feel the price for pro is a little steep. I feel 4.99 per month would get you more customers. That’s not too devalue your work however.

Keep up the great work.

PS: You don’t happen to have a sale on at the moment for a monthly subscription do you?

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Okay, we’ll get right on it! You have to press Play in Infinity, but it can be done when the game is already running.

We don’t have a coupon/promotion for Pro right now, but thank you for the valuable feedback.

Darn. That’s a shame.

Is there any chance that the remote app could add the ability to hit the play button in the desktop infinity app?

Alt+tabbing can become painful with Steam big picture mode IMHO.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Possibly. Why don’t you use the Play button to start the game? Does it not always work?

It seems to stop the Steam overlay from working in some games. Considering that I use a Steam controller, this is a deal breaker.

Having to click play twice, or stop using Steam for being able to use cheats seems like too much to lose for the gain, unfortunately.

If the hitting play could be done via the mobile app though, then it would be far less inconvenient and would offer the best of both worlds.

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To add on to my previous comment… I’d pay for pro in a heartbeat if the play button was added to the mobile version.

That would be great from a user experience perspective.

PS: I’m a computer programmer by trade too​, if you hadn’t guessed. Not working presently though, due to a long term illness.