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So I do enjoy using Infinity from time to time. It’s a lot easier than using Cheat Engine manually. And sometimes (although rarely) Infinity will have cheats for a game I was unable to get CE to work with. So I am all about supporting it’s development. So I clicked on the link “Support WeMod” and it comes up as the Pro version is $7.99 a month?!?
I’m sorry, but that price is wayyyyy too high. For one, you can use Infinity for free and still use cheats in any game an unlimited amount of times. The bonuses you add for becoming a Pro member are not nearly substantial enough for that kind of monthly cost. The only one that has any merit at all is the mobile control app (and mobile apps are normally a one-time fee).
But this isn’t a service that is used daily by most gamers. And as I mentioned above, there are many other free options available, like free Cheat Engine tables with hotkeys (basically what Infinity does but Infinity has a nice gui and all of that)
I honestly would have bought the Pro membership just to support the dev team even without any added perks because I do enjoy your work and feel it deserves the support. But I was thinking it would be something like a one time fee of around $10-$15. But you want $8/month if you pay monthly? Which adds up to a whopping $96 a year! (yes I know its about $70 if you pay for a year up front, but most would choose a monthly fee, and that is still way too much).
No one likes doing monthly fees, especially for something like this. But if you were going to go that route, I would expect it to be $3 or less per month.
How many users have been turned away by that price? How many supporters have you lost due to it? I honestly think you would bring in more funds if the price was more reasonable. Yes it would be less than half the amount you are currently asking, but I know you would get a lot more supporters, which would make up for that, and most likely succeed in bringing in more funds than you are now. More users means more exposure. This could be especially profitable if you used social media to market it.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what other users have to say about this.


And wemod gets one of these a month at least the best thing is it actually works not like some others out there! But people who make this stuff has to eat too would be nice if every thing out there was free !
I’m sorry your sorry but it was the same for horizon too

You can purchase 1 or 2 months of pro (or diamond, same people after all) and then cancel before the next billing date.

Thanks for the feedback but you have to remember that we get charged fees for every payment so $3/month would leave us with very little. After those fees we still have to pay for the rest of the site. $96/year is only $0.25/day which is very affordable for most people. We don’t have ads on the site and as of now everything is free, so the people that do subscribe are doing it to support us and the extra perks are just a bonus.


A lot of hard work goes into it I think the price is fair I still use pro and diamond and coders need to eat too


Right, that is another reason why I don’t think a monthly payment for this kind of software is the right approach. I mean, the average cost per $3 transaction would be literally be pennies…(depending on who you use) but yea, that’s an added cost of doing monthly charges.

I completely understand that development cost money but I feel a lot of people are turned away from supporting WeMod when they see that price. It’s like you guys are preferring to charge more to the few instead of less to the many. And like I said before, the more people that know about and use your product, the better it will do.
On top of all of that, you also have to consider the average value of your product compared to other products and services that are available.
The $8/month is about the same price I pay for Netflix ya know?
$96 is about $35 more than Microsoft’s Office 365 yearly subscription…
As I said, I love Infinity, but the value proposition between the two just don’t compare.

I just feel that’s a lot to ask for the convenience, when keeping in mind that everything that the software does is easy to do for free.
It basically comes down to paying $96 a year for access to the mobile app.
When you put it in that context, which I don’t feel is out of line as the other additions with Pro Membership are minimal at best, it seems heavily overpriced.

Like I said, I love Infinity, and I totally support all the devs at WeMod, so please don’t take what I’ve written the wrong way. I just want to see you guys grow.

Maybe it’s something you should look into? Ask a financial advisor and marketing team that specialize in online based software development, do a bit of research on it.
I think you might be surprised by the numbers they show you, and the possibilities a change like this could bring.

@sNaKe True, and I may do that just to show my support, but that still only gets me access to the mobile app for those 2 months…

Oh, and maybe you guys should consider adding 1 or 2 small unobtrusive ads to the site.
Maybe something small on the sides or bottom. But only ads that would interest gamers.
Maybe see if you can work up some kind of deal with online retailers so that Infinity users can click on a game that they don’t have and be taken to the retailer’s site to purchase it.
That way you help introduce more games to your users and make it easy for them to purchase them.
You could even give a bit of info about each game, like the description, system requirements, etc…
Even give users purchase options, like GOG, Steam, GreenManGaming, etc…

It may seem like a small amount earned per referral or purchase, but it could add up

@ptondo I’m not complaining and I’m not suggesting it be free. I’m making suggestions based on my professional experience with marketing software development companies because I want WeMod to grow and succeed as a company.
It’s what I do for a living, so I have a lot of experience in this. I’ve seen the numbers on similar projects and I know what works and what doesn’t. All I can do is make my suggestions and hope that it gets someone over at WeMod thinking. Maybe even enough to suggest or show this thread to someone higher up. Because with a few changes and some smart marketing, Infinity could be the goto app gamers use for their cheating pleasures :wink:

Well ya every one has an opinion no problem but being around for what 10 years something is work in out

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We’ve adjusted the the price several times over the past few years to bring it inline with what people are willing to pay. We are always going to have people that think it is too expensive. On the other hand we have members that subscribe then proceed to donate more. Subscribing for a year makes it only $6/month and we’ve had several deals recently for 15-30% off. We appreciate the feedback as it helps make future decision.

while you are on about the $8 a month, maybe look at other sites monthly fees that do trainers and don’t have a singular program but individual downloads per trainer. I just found one that wants $12.95/Month or how about a socalled lifetime membership $89.95 /one time + $4.95 /month. to me $8 here is not bad for the product you get for free, at least they aren’t saying here is a lifetime membership but you still need to pay monthly

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I actually hoped for a lifetime subscription option for Black Friday :wink:

Let me know if that’s ever an option

I feel like the price is good but the pro or the folks that pay for the sub isn’t getting their monies worth. It would be nice for us guys that pay to get a little bit more. Access to a primo game for only paid member or something lol. Thanks for the cheats though, I have be able to get achievements do to them.

There will be premium only cheats in the future as well as other perks.

Thanks for the info @Chris, that is a nice idea. Though I won’t deny a Pro membership isn’t cheap, especially for a year, if one uses WeMod frequently, it is great way to support development. Additional points mean additional votes for the games one really wants to see cheats for.

I initially waffled about going Pro, but when I looked at just how many of my games were supported, as well as how WeMod improved my game experience, I felt it was a worthwhile investment. Games that once frustrated me within an hour of playing are now enjoyable. A lot of work goes into WeMod, and it shows!

love to see the break down of monies … or how they divide it up … or who gets what