Pricing of Infinity

Dear developers, trainer makers and everyone involved,

First of all I want to congratulate each and everyone of you for making such a great cheat program which is known by us the users as Infinity. The easy and pleasurable environment of Infinity have given me and a lot of others a wonderful time already and is still giving.

Now I have read on the forum several topics about “Going Pro” and I wished I could afford it just merely the app on the phone is a great selling point. I am not writing this post to get a free hand out I just want to let you guys know that the price is quite a lot.

Most VPN services are cheaper and some of them are even 3 times as cheap. CheatHappens and MegaDev are both $ 30,- US cheaper then Infinity. I am not saying those services are better then Infinity quite the contrary I am just stating the difference in pricing.

I just wanted to let you guys know that there are a whole lot of people out there that don’t have $ 70,- to spare.

PS: I have read on the forum several times people mentioning it costs $ 5,- I assume this is a old monthly price.

Pro is price fairly in my opinion. All of our trainers are free unlike CH and MegaDev. We also have no ads and no survey/packaged installer. Pro is the only money we make from Infinity and it isn’t cheap to run the website and app. Pro is really more of a way of supporting us with a few nice perks such as the remote. We offer a monthly subscription if you can’t afford to subscribe for a full year at a time.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It’s always appreciated.

We understand that not everyone will find the price of Pro affordable, but there are a few reasons behind that price point.

First of all, the majority of Infinity users are free members. If Infinity were paid only like other sites, we may put it at a lower price point, but we’re not. Pro enables major enhancements to a member’s experience, but in no way is it required to enjoy Infinity.

It’s not fair to compare us to other sites or services. We’re building something different.

Second, Pro is mainly a way for members to show their support towards development. We have a team working full time on this project and it’s not cheap to fuel our vision. If we were being cheap, we wouldn’t have been able to build anything close to what we have today.

Third, we’re continuously iterating on the app and website. I’m not talking about updates every few years, but every few months. We will continue to innovate until Infinity and WeMod are the best they can be. (Just wait til you see the features we have in development right now.)

Pro members aren’t just our “customers”. Pro members power WeMod and shape the future.

p.s. The yearly plan works out to be about $5.83/mo.


My two cents is for even a donation page too now that would be nice !

Thank you for your detailed post explaining how the price came to be. It makes it clear to me why the price is as it is.
I am sorry for the comparison I guess it is human nature to compare at least it is in mine nature.

Alright I just need to save a bit then. Shave a dollar here and there and then hopefully by the end of the year I can give you guys the support you deserve. I wished I could support all of you earlier. Is there any other way that I can help?

(with help I mean help not in exchange for “pro” status. I am not a cheeky b##t##rd)

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You should be able to pay monthly? There should be an option

Sure are.

  • Create videos showcasing the cheats and post them in the trainer thread.
  • Help in the support section (if you know what you are talking about)
  • Promote infinity IRL and on the internet.