Pro Subscription only partially working

Hi, sorry to bother but starting today my Pro subscription started working only partially.

I can save my cheats status and let me fully use in-game overlay but if i try to switch the setting in the destop app it say i need to go pro.

I have logged off and back in, restarted the pc, restored yesterday backup and redo it all but nothing.

Can someone help me?

I wanted to save an additional log and i found something interseting.
In the fodler
there are two version of the app, the old one, app-8.13.11, and the new one app-8.13.12.

If i remove app-8.13.11 the problem persist.

If i remove app-8.13.12 the problem is solved and i can fully use my pro subscription.

But in this way i have pratically reversed one verion back, maybe the problem is in the update?

Thanks for the report! The team is currently working on a fix for this.

Hi @Maharid—sorry for the inconvenience here. Can you confirm it’s working correctly now on v8.13.12? Thanks for the thorough post!

Yes, it’s working, thanks. :smile: