Problem with Game Pass

One question, does WeMod not work with the Game Pass? I can insert the *.exe from the game into WeMod, but WeMod says: We’re having troubles starting or finding your game. Game is already running.

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Trainers will work with Game Pass as long as you are using the Windows Store version of the trainer, if there is one. As Game Pass is just the name of Windows Store’s subscription service, it’s not actually a game launcher. Here’s an example trainer: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store.

If you’re trying to use a Steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic and so on trainer with a Windows Store (aka Game Pass) game then it will not work for technical reasons, which you can read about here: Why are there different cheats for each storefront? - #4 by Ravenfyre.

Bear in mind that Windows Store is extremely unpopular with the majority of the gaming community, which is why there are sadly not as many Windows Store trainers across the internet compared to Steam, Epic and so forth.