Problems using Horizon to trasnfer Minecraft maps to 360 - corrupt save

I am having issues transferring a map. I follow the directions below (which seem to be the same on Youtube and everywhere else) and everything is successful except when I load minecraft on the xbox, the maps show as “corrupt save” and I can’t use it. All the instructions work. The profile is on the USB. The profile is assigned to the map (via horizon) so it transfers to the xbox, just doesn’t load. any ideas would be really appreciated.


-A USB Flash drive of just about any GB (preferably :sunglasses:
-A Modding Program Called Horizon

1)Move Your profile to your USB.
-Dashboard>Settings>System>Storage>Hard Drive>Profiles>Click on Your Profile>Move>Flash Drive-

2)Download horizon on your PC!

3)Plug Your USB Flash Drive into your PC and exit out all the things that pop up (sometimes nothing pops up)

4)Download A Map From The Internet(Preferably YouTube)
5)Drag the map to your desktop.

6)Open Horizon and open the device explorer.

7)click ‘‘Inject New File’’

:sunglasses:A little tab should come up and on the left hand side click ‘‘Desktop’’

9)Select the map you downloaded!

10)Your profile will come up and click ‘‘Use This Profile’’

11)Wait for it to be injected (it will usually take 10 seconds max)

12)Once it says your map has been transferred take out your USB and plug it into your xbox 360.

  1. go to storage and click on Flash Drive and go to profiles and select your profile and click move then hard drive.

14)then go to Games and Apps and go to Minecraft and select the map you downloaded and click move and move it back to your hard drive!

You can now launch minecraft and hit ‘‘Play Game’’ then hard drive and the map will be there!

  1. Download map
  2. Create a brand new world on Xbox, save it to your USB drive
  3. Open Horizon, expand the Device Explorer and select Games>Minecraft
  4. Drag your save into the gray area of Horizon, click the contents tab.
  5. Right click savegame.dat inside the contents tab and click Replace
  6. Replace it with the modded world you downloaded.
  7. Save, Rehash, & Resign

I am having the same problem as Vic. I was able to do this months ago, but now it is not working. I have tried several USB sticks, and multiple maps. Still not working. I tried the advice by Zodiac and when it tried to load the file it locks up my xbox 360 on the “Initializing Server” screen.

Any other thoughts on this… Is this a bug? Appreciate any other thoughts on this issue… Props to Zodiac for the feedback as I’ll try it again, but no luck yet…:frowning:

This thread really helped me out as I was having the same problems as vbernard3844. The rehash and resign that Zodiac posted worked for me. thanks a million I was losing all hope, now my kids think I’m super mummy for finally sorting it!

download the map drag the file to your desktop open horizon then drag the map to horizon go to unknown profile click your gt then go to save rehash resign.

i have downloaded horizon and it successfully installed but it wont open please help me and FIX IT!!!

this happens to me you either have to wait a long time for it to open redownload it or restartt your computer

Right click the Horizon icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’

If that doesn’t work, uninstall Horizon, and download the version that is linked under my signature. Post back if you have any issues.

I tried this method but my minecraft got frozen on loading screen. Do you know how to fix this?:wink:

Most likely the map you’re trying to transfer to your Xbox has mods that aren’t compatible to Xbox, hence the freezing.

I fixed by using a simlar method so don’t worry! But Thanks anyway:grinning:

Same here pal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could use some help with the freezing on initializing server. I have successfully transferred the game using the methods Zodiac suggested.

I have much the same problem, I followed all instructions to the letter but when I transfer back to the xbox and try to run the map I have downloaded I get the message “minecraft: xbox 360 edition” has failed to load and cannot continue, Amy suggestions please

Hi there,
I am have a hard time transferring some maps to my Xbox 360.When I have the map on my 360 it shows up and when i go in the world it crashes my game.And I Can’t do anything to the world like rename it or send it to my Xbox 1.So if there is anyway i could have some help with that.

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