Profile Data Editor

Here’s a little thing we’ve been working on:

looks nice, keep it up

also better be for boxxy or i will shank you

maxxy its for bloxxy. lol jk, anyways i have tested this on a offline profile >.< lol i know but it obviously didnt work. But it was cool

:o never thought of this, i would have thought this timer would be set server side?


If it works though, that would be awesome. Can’t wait for the idiots who would set it as 10 years and get themselfs banned haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

What an epic app :smile:

Looking forward to it.

Yeah. It’s going to be awesome.

Maybe next you know NXE staff etc, they have that special little watermark on there gamercard, try getting that? rofl

Profile data editor is coming along great!

do you think it will come with the release?

Looks sick, cant wait till it comes out :smile:

oh yeah i forgot to ask… but what is the milestone 1, 2 and 3 parts for?

its the bubbles/circles or whatever u wanna call them

Damn this is going to be sick.

Can’t wait!

Awesome looks great this is gonna be the best modding tool ever!

That looks awesome. I got my 1st GT banned would love to see that 6 back on my profile.

Looks sick lol, I picked the right day to find this site :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait. I’m like a Horizon fanatic. Lol!

xD when this comes out i wanna see who puts it to 10 years xP im 1 im gonna change an offline to 10

Awesome App For Horizon I Think I Am Gonna Buy Diamond Membership :smiley: