Profile Gamertag E-Mail Address

Please don’t get mad.

I’m not some 12 year old boy trying to be annoying. I’m a 25 year old woman to is trying to be a good girlfriend.

You probably don’t care about the background of the issue…
I need to know if Horizon, or any other program for that matter can access this information in the Profile File.

I upgraded my Xbox from the white one, with a 60GB HDD, to the new slim with the 250GB HDD. I didn’t know that I would have to reactivate all the accounts before I did it. (I know, I should have researched more.) My problem is, I need to access the email associated with the gamertag because, we don’t know what it is.

I do not have the old xbox anymore so I can’t plug it back into that to look. I tried changing his Device ID and the Console ID to match mine but that doesn’t allow me to bypass the “This profile requires a password to sign in on this console. Enter the password for this profile’s Windows Live ID.” Then the next screen says to enter the Windows Live ID email for this account.

I can’t recover it from Xbox support. I tried for over 4 hours. I know the information is buried in that file somewhere and I need to get it. I’m devoted to this task and I can’t just give up.

(I’m an I.T. student attempting to start to know what I’m talking about. I can handle instructions.)

Please, :interrobang: would be beyond appreciated!

May wanna talk with a horizon pro, or an horizon dev.

Is there a specific board I should be posting this question on other than here?

This is just fine

What the **** are you talking about? lol

I do not believe Horizon can expose the email address on the account.

Your best bet is to try and go through any email you remember.

Let me get this straight. You think the email address and password associated with the gamertag are encrypted somewhere in the profile?

If you can look through your own email and see if you cant find anything out or better yet call MS ?

I would contact Xbox phone support and give as much personal information about the gamertag that you have, so you can prove it’s yours (his). If he didn’t randomly enter information, you should be fine and they will help you.

Edit: Here are the support phone numbers…

US: (800) 4MY-XBOX or (800) 469-9269
UK: 020 7365 9792 or 0800 587 1102

Call Microsoft and tell them you don’t remember the email address associate with that gamer tag, then they should give you some security questions to very that it is your account.

There is no way to find the email or password from the Hex of your profile. You have to call Xbox Support.

What’s the gamertag? If you don’t mind me asking.

Sorry, but the Windows Live ID and password is not stored in the profile anywhere. This is because it would be far to simple to steal someones account like this, and it is all stored on their servers.

You can’t really recover it unless you:

  1. Know the Windows Live ID, and can answer security questions.
  2. Call Xbox Customer Support, and somehow have them help you.
  3. Remember your information. :\


Believe me, I’m here as a last resort. I’ve done everything else in my power. It was an email made over 2.5 years ago just for that purpose. Yes, it’s kind of dumb that he doesn’t know what it is. But if it were my account that I had lost all save data and DLC for, I’d be working just as hard to find help.

Hopefully there will be a definite answer and not just speculation.

Can I transfer saved games to a new profile?

It’s ohcnas.

Most saved games, yeah… But not things like multiplayer stats or any purchased marketplace content. The best thing you can do is call Microsoft Support and they may be able to give you the email if you answer the security questions or something.

I tried that. I was on the phone with support for over four hours last night. They wanted the last four digits of a debit card but there was never one used on the account. He always bought the cards at the store to get the content as he doesn’t have a bank account.

I was simply trying to help her out guys…

Sorry to say but you cannot retrieve the email and password from an xboc account without calling Xbox Support.
I aplologise for the posts that were of no use.

If I remember, you can transfer all savegames to another profile. No Multiplayer stats can be changed or transferred.

I don’t believe there is anyway you can extract your email from the account.

This is what I would suggest. If you or him have a friend who has an older model xbox I would ask them if you could put your harddrive in and check what your email is that way. Here’s how you would do it.

Turn on your XBox 360
Sign in to your Xbox Live account
Select the My Xbox menu
Click on your character screen within My Xbox
Click on Manage Account
Click on Personal Information

The personal information page will display the email address associated with your XBOX Live gamer tag.

Other than that I don’t think you could do much else.

Actually try and see if he knows the password to

He wouldn’t happen to know spanish would he?

Thank you everyone that was helpful!

Fantastic! So I would just need to go in and change the Profile ID of the game to the new gamertag I create?

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to save all information so this NEVER happens again.

We tried that and others like sancho, and sancho panza and ohcnas panza…

None of those worked. :anguished:

I might have a friend that has an older version xbox! I will check that out, but can’t until tomorrow as the guy works nights and it’s 8pm.