Prohibited WeMod Overlay Forza Motorsport

Hey I have a problem with Overlay WeMod while trying to play Forza Motorsport when launching the launcher the game crashes making me appear the following error message:
“Prohibited WeMod.Overlay.exe
0a8496417465e2fd836dbc04ef2d5f8cdbcfc5316ba218a4db11b54c3e62f442a9c1fe19 Application terminated”

if anyone can help me or if a dev can fix the problem that would be amazing thanks!

Capture d’écran 2023-10-13 135342|422x185](upload://vpDUBlhGLx6X5Qr2uYIg5X53okg.png)

Capture d'écran 2023-10-13 135342

You will either need to end the task from task manager or uninstall the overlay when playing Forza.

WeMod Overlay relaunches every 5 minutes after I end the task. Is WeMod Overlay important for the running WeMod if I remove the overlay?

The overlay makes no difference.

I can’t delete WeMod overlay because i have no rights as the admin to do that. Even if I deinstalled WeMod the Overlay will be still there. I can’t delete the folder oder deinstall it in the App

You need to uninstall it from the game bar widget store.

can you please share the steps for that , I am unable to find on how to uninstall wemod overlay via gamebar ?

Open the game bar > Widget Menu > Widget Store > Installed