Project Hospital

Hello guys

Is there no Project Hospital trainer for Wemod?

Hello there! :slight_smile:

Not currently, but you can request one:

  1. Search for Project Hospital in the WeMod desktop app’s search feature and select the result.
  2. Select either the Steam or GOG logos, depending on the version you have.
  3. Click Vote.

I thought you guys had a partnership with mrantifun since he has a trainer on his website for this game?

MAF has over 2,000 trainers. Moving them over to WeMod, which I believe is the plan, is a very lengthy task which will take some time. He also needs to make new trainers that have been voted on and update existing ones here that are in need of an update. He’s only one man (and an awesome one at that).

The more votes a trainer has, the quicker it’ll get added to WeMod, so go ahead and vote. :slight_smile: