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Properly Introducing Yourself to WeMod

Introducing Yourself On WeMod

Below are a few ideas you can use to make a proper introduction on WeMod. These are certainly not required but they can help other members learn more about you; making it easy to meet the great people on the site.

Name / Gamertag / Username
Let us know what you like to be called. This can be your username, a nickname or your real name. Feel free to include any usernames that you would like to share such as your Gamertag or Steam name (URL).

Gaming Platform(s)
Tell everyone what platforms you play games on. This can be anything. WeMod primarily covers Xbox 360 and PC with our modding tools, but that doesn’t mean other members don’t have other consoles they use.

Tell us what your current favorite games are. It is pretty likely that some other members here also play it. This is an easy way to start a conversation and find new people to play with.

Past modding experience
If you have modded games before or know any other technical stuff, include that! We all love modding too and it’s nice to see new members who can join the community to develop or share their skills in modding. We don’t judge if you have no experience, we are here to help everyone.

This one is easy. What do you like to do in your free time? I think almost all of us here play video games, but what else do you enjoy doing?

Why you joined / Where you heard of us
This will help members understand what you are looking to learn or gain here at WeMod. It’s always nice to hear where people saw our name as well.

It is not recommended that you provide any personal information in your introduction post or in general. It is your choice to provide any information about yourself but including too much can affect your security on the internet.