[PSA] Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises will become a paid game soon

Hello gamers!

A game called Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises will soon transition from a free-to-play game to a paid game.

  • The date of this transition is unclear, other than “in the next few days”.
  • The game will be free for you to keep forever if you add it to your library before it becomes a paid game.

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises is a medieval real-time-strategy game set in the lands of Spero during the Order of Dawn’s rise to power. During its Early Access launch, the game will feature three multiplayer combat modes, and post-launch, we will be adding single-player campaign modes.

Our story begins in the Plains of Spero, where five great City States rule over the land. Tensions have risen to boiling point, and several powerful City Lords wish to take control of the region and name themselves king. Peaceful negotiations have descended into to all-out war, plunging the region into chaos. Lords fight against each other to gain power and land - each one hoping to claim the throne…

Enjoy! :slight_smile: