Putting LEDs in your xbox 360 controller

This is my old tut from 7s. This is my tut if you dont believe me send me a pm on there.

This is a tut on every thing you need to know about putting LEDs in your controller. This tut is for how to put LEDs in 1-4 player spots on your xbox360 wireless controller and also in other spots to but mainly for 1-4 player spots on your controller. Iam not at fault if you mess up or break your controller while doing this!

If you brunt 1 of the littler sliver pads on the controller board read this to fix it. How to Fix Broken Terminals

Tools needed
T8 screwdriver (they cost from $2 to $5 look on ebay for cheap price)
Tweezers (helps hold the LED and cost from $1 to $3)
30 to 40 watt soldering iron (depending on what you get they go for $8 to $50)
Electrical Solder (You can get a tube for around $3)
Tools to clean the solder gun (sponge, wire brush, cloth ect. depending on what materials you do have and where you get them they go all together for around $10 for all of it)

Where to get LEDs
Ebay (kinda a rip off but you know what your getting. The go from $1 to $5 per set depending on the seller it can be 4 or 5 LEDs and prices are different)
Unique LEDs.com (cheap LEDs. They go from $0.16 to $0.30 per LED. The more you buy the cheaper)
The type of LEDs you need are 0603 smds

How to take apart your xbox360 controller and put it back to together(wireless and this was made by me)

How to put it back together in case you forget or dont know how to

Here is the 1st video on how to solder in case you dont know how to

Here is how to tell which way your LED is “+” and “-” ends for different type of LEDs too.Go to the bottom of the page and click on “LED installation” MUST READ
Go to the bottom of the page to get to link.

Here is a written tut by Llama.com (it also shows how to light the buttons,dome, and rumble LEDs I suggest you do not do these unless your a good with soldering and know what your doing)
Xbox 360 mods Controller LED lighted mod

I find this tut to be the best for soldering LEDs(This is for 1-4 player lights)

I know he says dont power up your controller but thats the way I do it to make sure the Lights are in the right spot. After you take them off just bring your xbox360 and cables out to the area of work and plug a Play and charge kit into it and power it that way. Or you can get the back part of the controller a battery pack and plug it up that way.

Here is a close up video on soldering the LEDs

Some helpful hints
Make sure your solder gun is clean before soldering to make it work right
Make sure You know where to place the LEDs in the right spot so they work.
Get a broken controller board or computer board and practice soldering if your new to this.
Take your time!
Make you sure you have a well lighted area to work in.
Make sure your controller board is clean to get the solder on.

If I forgot some stuff or you need help tell me and I will do my best to help you!

Nice tut bro


If anyone needs some help with doing this just pm or post here.

Nice thread. Might do this sometime since I just got some free LED lights in the mail today.

This is such an old thread but i seen your tutorial on youtube and.need some help. Pretty sure i burnt my contacts but wanna make sure and have help available if needed. Can you get ahold of me here or.xbl? My xbl is iMikkiChick HD

If you could take some pictures, that would be helpful. I would be able to determine if you have ripped a contact pad from the PCB or not. While it is exponentially more difficult to complete this mod if that has happened, it’s not impossible.

If you’re sure the pad is gone, you will need to locate the traces running to each side of the pad, and use an xacto knife to remove the protective top layer of the board. Once done, you will need to solder the corresponding connection directly to the trace.