PvZ Garden Warfare Mod Tool

plants vs zombies:garden warfare (xbox 360)

Title ID: 454109C9

There is no con file data and i dont have any con files

there is coins (currency) and god mode, i would like max coins & max health.(P.S there is no save files)

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the mod would probably have to be diamond since its a newer game… :confused:

it would be nice to have a new tool that is not diamond for a change.

It’s hard work creating a mod tool. It’s work. Nothing of good value is free. Diamond is cheap for what it gives.

Doubt it is possible, since the game can only be played connected to the server

I would like that they add Rank,Coins and the tickets that help you revive that would be good and the Title ID is 454109C9

someone really need to find a way to modn this even if it requires a gta 5 setup

i would like the choice of all kinds of things. like money, ranks, sticker packs(what you get in them),customization options for your plants and zombies. pretty my anything u have to use put on. not for diamonds only

I would really appreciate if someone worked on modding it. I really need it.

so i have been in the works of makeing a profile mod tool for plant vs zombies garden warfare i am soon to be doing a beta test but need people to tell me what they would like me to fix or if its fine how it is if YOU WOULD LIKE THE TEST THE BETA PLZ MESSAGE ME ON SKYPE MY SKYPE IS brody basso the pic is the batman logo so if u want to do it message me

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