Question About GR Breakpoint

Hello everyone
I have a very simple question for those who play like me Ghost recon Breakpoint I love it but despite several technical errors it has, I would say that the ghost recon breakpoint team has a lot to learn, I have a channel on Facebook that accidentally did it several years ago ( and playing watching errors happen I reported it to ubisoft and here is my channel. Well the question is the following, could you check if I can use the WeMod trainer with ghost recon breakpoint without being banned playing by myself or without playing ghost war or something like that has to do with online games with other players and if there is someone who I have proof of a recent video from the year 2020 of the months April and May that can serve as proof that if it can be done it is because I want to use it only to get rid of the diabolic TERMINATOR, that even my fingers hurt I cannot kill him, hahahahahahaha so please let me know or show me two videos of different dates to know if you have not been banned so thank you until next time guys and girls

Well no we wont check to see if it can be used in multiplayer we only use and make our trainers for singleplayer use only
And you want someone to see if they will get banned using this in multiplayer?
We dont condone using trainers online so no one will post a video using this online
Sorry about that.

Sorry if you misunderstood me I do not want to use it in multiplayer, it is only to kill the TERMINATOR without playing in multiplayer you understand me now, I think that the TERMINATOR missions are to play alone and without anyone else is what I want to do, the option to multiplayer is out of my option I don’t want to use it that way it is the TERMINATOR missions that I want to play nothing else and only without anyone else playing with me you understand me now friend

Ya sure if its singleplayer player missions then yes you can play without getting banned.
I haven’t played this game so not sure if the terminator mission is online or not.
That’s what these trainers are for singleplayer so no you will not be banned
Sorry guess I misunderstood your comment.

Thanks for the answer but I still have doubts, as you say that you have not played the game, I believe you but I would like to have another answer from some users, well because in other pages on the internet I have discovered how Rockstar games does not ban you for using Any type of offline single player trainers, that’s why I have some doubts, but I thank you for your answer. You have given me the confidence to continue believing that if there are possibilities of not getting banned, but as I say, I will continue looking for answers, if in a few days I find something to not be banned for playing only with your trainer I will share it with you so that other players like me can use it freely and with more confidence thanks again and until next time.
and thanks for the Wemod trainers and I think the old MrAtnifun too,
Thank you

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98% of game developers don’t care about players cheating in single player, offline games. Because you are only “ruining” the intended experience for yourself, not for other people.

It’s very rare these days to run into a game developer that bans people for cheating in single player offline games. But for those extremely rare cases, we will simply cease the development of the trainer.
For example, the developers of Forza Horizon 4 have an issue with people cheating in single player. So we have ceased providing a trainer for this game.

As long as you don’t attempt to use trainers online then you will not be banned. Been a gamer for years. Been a cheater for years. Never been banned. If a trainer exists here then it’s generally going to be because the developers don’t have an issue with it existing.