Question about requesting new trainers

Is the 2000 line the threashhold at which a trainer/cheat starts getting worked on? Or is there some other specified number or condition before one is made?

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Firstly, I split your post from the thread you posted in because it had nothing do to with your query.

Each vote bumps a trainer higher up the development queue.

~2,000 votes puts a new trainer near the top of the queue to be made.
~1,000 votes puts an existing trainer near the top of the queue to be updated.

Those at the top will be made or updated as soon as it is humanly possible to do so. Factoring in hours available in the day, the time it takes to create cheats, the time it takes to find a way around anti-cheat measures, the availability of WeMod’s testers and so forth. :slight_smile:

Can you pay for a trainer to made for a specific game or have a new one added to already existing trainer

We do not accept paid requests. If you want additional mods please post in the trainer’s thread.