[Question] Assembly-CSharp.dll

Hi there is a PC Game i want to Mod, but the assembly-csharp.dll is encrypted.

So my question is, how can i decrypt it and be able to mod it?

I can use Team Viever if someone can help me out, its really important for me.

Im willing to pay 25€ in Paysafecard to the person at the end of month if we succeed decrypting and making a Mod for the game.

The best place to start would be google. It is time consuming

Hi, thanks for your reply first of all.

I wasted 17 hours for googling something about this.

All i found was for Mobile Modding ways.

There are tools to dump the img while the game is running but only on Android systems, but this Game i play is on PC, thus android tools are useless for this.

After researching for so many hours, i decided to ask in this Forum, with the hope to get some information on how to decrypt the assembly-csharp.dll on PC.

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What game is it and why do you want to decrypt that?

My guess is it’s an online game?

Its a long story but i will make it short.

Its a Game that used to be called Wild Buster.

The Company scammed many people- incl. myself.
They sold their Game to IDC Games and they renamed the game to Champions of Titan.

I didnt get any refund or compensation.

I am mad at this and this is my reason to Mod this.

I used to be a Moddder before, but i never modded proteced assembly before, therefor i dont have the knowledge to decrypt this.

The Game has Zero protection, even cheat engine works flawlessly, but i want to make Mods via the assembly-csharp.dll.

I hope you can understand my feelings here and help me out guys.

It’s a MMORPG therefore an online game.
Not sure how Cheat engine works since it should be server sided but seeing as it was called Wild Buster before I can see why the dev is so stupid.

though you won’t be able to mod that or decrypt.

I see… well thanks for the information.

I thought the assembly could be decrypted, since on adnroid games the assembly can get decrypted too.

It can be decrypted surely. But I doubt if you change anything on it that it will work

Like i expected, it’s an mmorpg. As for decrypting, i don’t think you can get stripped information back. There are decompilers that can get the source back to some degree but not all.

Regardless, we’re not going to help you cheat in this game.

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No,i can understand, it would be against your Rules and Terms.

I just wanted to know some information to know whee to start.

Didnt want you guys to make cheats for this :slight_smile:

Google. You’re probably not using the right keywords is all i am going to say.

Good luck

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Thanks :slight_smile: