Question for all - Why do you use the app?

I am sure everybody has their own reason to use Wemod and I was hoping you’d share that reason here.

For me personally I have so many steam games (over 5100) that if I want to be able to try each one I need a little help to speed through it. I kind of feel guilty that I am not taking the time to learn and get better in order to beat it but when a game has over 100+ hours of content I cannot waste time haha.


for me i started using wemod as i’ve had less and less time to play games, i normally only use it to give myself a little edge to make the time i get to play more enjoyable


I got a job, kids and all that stuff. So gaming time isn’t something I have much of these days. As such, I use cheats to reduce the amount of “farming” and “grinding” needed to do in-game, so I can get straight to the more “enjoyable” contents.

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Good question.

The first time I started using cheats in games was because I wanted to replay parts of some games without having to go through the brain-numbing grind all over again from scratch (ie, to get achievements, trophies, etc).

Why do I choose WeMod? Well, several reasons:

  • It’s the safest trainer provider. All trainers are bundled and encrypted in a software app rather than being stand-alone downloads. This means no viruses, trojans, miners or other shady stuff hidden in them.

  • All trainers are in one place. No more having to organise (reluctantly and cautiously “trusted”) stand-alones in folders on my PC. One click to open WeMod equals cheats for thousands of games at my fingertips.

  • Controlling cheats is usually much easier.
    To give an example - I found a lot of trainers in the past forced me to have 9999999999 money when I just wanted enough to buy one item from an in-game merchant. But, in WeMod (where the game’s coding allows WeMod’s trainer developers to do so), I can sometimes set specific amounts.

  • The support team and resources are awesome (yes, I know I’m a part of that team now, lol). When I had an issue with a trainer, the team here at WeMod addressed my issues quickly and with professionalism, especially @frank. In comparison, I’ve found other trainer services in the past tend to recruit stroppy teenagers with attitude problems who never really help you properly.

  • The Pro features are cool. Activating cheats from my phone or tablet. Control over which trainers get made or updated as priority. WeMod overlay in games. And more.

  • WeMod isn’t greedy. They don’t force you to pay to use their services, unlike a lot of similar trainer providers these days. However, those who do choose to go Pro are massively appreciated and get heavily rewarded for doing so.

Basically I just find WeMod easy to use, safe, convientent, rewarding and helpful. :slight_smile:


Darn I was hoping to get more people to toss their hat in the ring. I thought it was a pretty good question :slight_smile:

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