Question for Updates or Request

Hey there, I have some Question is there an simpler way to reqeuest an Update for Trainers or a trainer for the Games.
Sorry i don’t wont to listen Madly…
And sorry if im Wrong here…

But there are games in the list there are Outdatet since 1-2 YEARS or more… (Commpany of Heroes , Attila Total War, or Assasins Creed).
In the Discussion People asking for Updates / an Yes i see how many Players gaming it / but sorry… 2-4 Years is a long time…
( and yes i Know its a hard Work for all the games out threre)

So my Question is there a way to Request an Update Manual???
Like some Button to Push. ( Like Requeste Update / or Flag a Game for some Update )…
(Because sometimes the Trainers won’t work any more but YOU can’t request an Updatet for it Like Anno 1800 ).
( or if it’s not more Possibel to Updatet it to take it out of the list… )

( Or is there a Way to request trainers for Games eayser Like the Settlers or The last Heaven ) like some site to see how many reqeustet the games) i Reqeuestet games for 2 or 4 Years ago but im not sure if there is someone Working for.

( and sorry for my English it is sometimes Bad… )

And thanks for All the Trainers and Work you Doinig all Great.
[And i really don’t wont to listen mad or Bad…]
THANKS. :+1:

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A lot of reports on the forums are inaccurate and caused by things such as cracked games or other mods being used at the same time. If you want to provide me with a list of the games you think need to be updated I’ll be happy to have our testing team look into them as soon as possible. I know for sure that Company of Heroes was tested less than a month ago.

As far as reporting broken trainers, if you have any issues you should click the :frowning: after the trainer closes.

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Thanks a lot,
STAR WARS™ Empire at War Gold Pack this Trainer works only a half / or Crashes the Game.
Anno 1800 If i play with Full Stock Storage it Crashe or frezze after short time ( maybe because the new Version ),
Attila Total War if played with and without mods crashes after 3 rounds…
Assasins Creed Black flag for Ubisoft is not working. ( I can toggel the trainer but it goes off back )
Assasins Creed Remasterd 3 are not Working / Crashes.
Iron Harvest / i don’t know it Crashes a lot…
Total War Shogun 2 / Crashes after few Rounds / No Mods.
Napoleon Total War.
Surviving the Aftermath _ Crashes really fast.

If its possible someone can look over it I would be Happy,
And again thanks all of you for the Work. :grin: :+1:
And sorry don’t wont to make Issues…

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