Raft Cheats and Trainer for Steam

does the Unlock All Crafting Recipes affect every player or only me?

That I can’t say, because like all other trainers on this site, they are designed for single play, so I don’t even attempt to use them in co-op.

Just to point out for ME:
111.3 hours in, finished main story, and still no issues with trainer

(using unlimited health, food, water, oxygen, durability (both), one hit kill, freeze daytime, instant fishing, jump height (set to 2), and only activating infinite items when I start crafting (so I don’t have a full inventory of 20 stacks of crap )

I don’t know why it’s not working for some people.

yea none work for me sadge :frowning:

would it be possible to add a mod that removes building collision

So cheats don’t need to be worked on?

causes Raft to crash 11/2023

Are you playing in singleplayer or co-op?

Hey, so I was also having the issue of the trainer not working for me, all cheats would immediately deactivate themselves. Came here looking for information, tried a few things; what ultimately worked was stopping the trainer and restarting it. Looks like starting the game by hitting play in WeMod breaks the trainer, but starting the trainer after the game is running works just fine.

cant open inventory any fix?

Hey, sorry I was in the hospital from a seizure and a lite stroke, just now saw this, I honestly don’t remember and I’m fuzzy on a lot of things right now, next time I play I’ll test again.

to bad there is no ai system in game for the people / new skins to be able to actually do what they say they can

My raft game doesn’t start with wemod, even thought everything is updated.

Have you tried launching it from Steam and then clicking play in WeMod?

The Trainers not working at all!!! It will launch the game but that’s it!!!

Where did you buy the game from?