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Rage x32 vs x64


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im restarting a new thread because when i pointed a few things out that are wrong with your trainer for rage STN refused to help got rude and then closed the topic. the trainer for rage does not work on the x64 bit version it says “having trouble loading cheats into the game please restart the game or click help for more info.” The help button does not work it appears to actually be fake. I do not know the attitude of any other moderators on this site but STN is rude and his solution was to play the x32 version but the trainer for that is quite buggy. Don’t get me wrong your app has been invaluable in other games such as dark souls prepare to die edition which is probably one of the worst games i have ever played. for a group that encourages feedback i would think someone would actually do something. Considering how easy the bugs with rage would be to fix and the fact that your help button is broken is something i thought you might want to know about but it seems you could care less. im rather disappointed especially after when i found a working trainer for the x64 version of rage and posted where to get it from the thread was imedatey locked by STN the supposed creator of that specific trainer. im hoping someone else on this site will see this and respond.


other on that thread had mentioned that the no reload and other features do not work properly ans you have no answer for the help button being broken which kinda makes me think you know and just do not want to fix it or the other bugs anf the post where you claim i got rude i actually deleted yesterday so i do not know how it was visible but seriously if you have people paying for a product and any aspect of that product does not work then an effort should be made to fix it ok old trainer not popular what ever but your help button is broken on evry game ive played so far and a couple days ago i tried to play arkham origins without a wifi and the error message i recieved was unable to download trainer it was the same when i tried to play other games as well which is why i was under the impression that it redownloads the trainers every time because thats how it acted again if you have people paying for a product then that product should work and when the users seek help they should actually be helped and not dismissed or insulted for their choice in games not given a help button that is fake or broken.


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