Rainbow Six Extraction Cheats and Trainer for Ubisoft

does multiplier xp still only work on easy

my game freeze after minutes

same please help !!

mine says using 32 bit when im using 64 bit how to fix?


Did you try to launch wemod while the Ubisoft launcher was still up before the game fully launched?

Its all working great ,but how were an invisible cheat for takedowns?

I tried using these but they did nothing. Do they need to be updated first?

Does the ‘Mega EXP’ actually work?

The Rainbow Six Extraction cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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If i start game in uplay and link wemod i have get banned ??? need help pls

Dont use it online man, solo play only

i dont use it online i only use it on solo but it doesnt work

10x experience seems to be only useful in simple mode? Or is there a limit to how much experience is gained each time? High difficulty doesn’t seem to work.

It is capped at 50K per mission and there is a daily cap according to some other users.

That’s a long time to get to Honor 10 :joy:

But the existing functionality is good enough, thanks a lot!

I no longer can use the trainer after the update. What is going on ?

As of today, extensive testing on the trainer showed all but one-hit kills are functioning properly. Didn’t test that one out, but all others are working.

Note: Adding mission time DOES work, however after the default 15 minutes pass, an archaean swarm still arrives, so be aware.

One hit is working along with all the other still the xp cap but that is whatever i can confirm after the initial 15 min they swarm will start.

can this trainer be detected and can you be banned for it?