Rainbow Six Vegas 1 (360) Game Save

Hi there, first time using horizon, how would I get a hold of an elite rank account for rainbow six, my gamesave was wiped and now my rank has been reset! Is there any tool I can use in horizon to get a save that has the elite rank? Does Horizon even support R6V1? Also is it safe to use achievement unlocker? I would like to unlock some achievements but worry I could get banned on xbox for doing so.

Rainbow Six Vegas is a title found in Horizon, but I don’t think you can mod it.


I have had no luck finding any game saves online that match your criteria, but if you happen to find one all you have to do is:

  1. Format a flash drive to FAT32 or plug it into your console and format it that way and make a new save game for RB6V on your console.

  2. Move your profile and your new game save to the flash drive.

  3. Open Horizon and open your profile (take note of your profile ID).

  4. Open your save game (take note of your console ID and title ID).

  5. Copy the save you got online to the flash drive and open it with Horizon.

  6. Fill in your console, profile and title IDs replacing the ones already there.

  7. Save and rehash then put the flash drive into your Xbox to verify it works after copying your profile and modded save back to your Xbox.

As for achievement modding, there is an achievement unlocker in Horizon that works pretty well, but a modded save may unlock all or most achievements depending which ones you already unlocked. Always be careful when modding achievements because Microsoft has a dragnet for accounts who are suspicious i.e. unlocking achievements in the wrong order for a story based game.

Let me know if you need anything clarified or elaborated.